Thursday, March 5, 2015

What’s in your windowsill?

We talk a lot about how inspiration for creative projects can be found anywhere. Yeah, anywhere! Really, pretty much everywhere. Today I was inspired by crocuses in the windowsill. Cheerful, sunny, fresh, and mixed in with my everyday stuff (gotta have salve!), I like to keep my environment fun and varied while I suds-up the dishes, just to enjoy the moment just that much more.

There isn’t always a lovely selection of fresh-picked flowers in the windowsill (one sill in the sunroom holds a sand dollar, 1970s Darth Vader action figure, a stack of pennies, and dust bunnies). I gotta say, I find them a fantastic place to stash finds from my, and the kids’, excursions. Stones, seashells, and seedpods intermingle with tiny vases holding whatever’s growing in the garden, or whatever was growing last season and has turned into a preserved specimen during the winter: a tuft of coxcomb, a nearly petrified clematis bloom with a curlique tendril, interesting twigs.

At the top of the stairs, there’s a sweet little mess in the windowsill that gives me a smile almost every time I walk past it. I also think, “I need to water that poor Geranium.”

Many if not most of the other windowsills are devoid of *S*T*U*F*F*, but these scenes are part of what makes our house be our home. They are pieces of our lives, our personalities, our interests. And they provide creative inspiration to my eyeballs with the ever-changing array of objects.

So tell me, what do you keep in your windowsills? Anything fascinating? Anything funny? I can’t be the only one who tucks things onto these tiny ledges.... can I?


  1. I dont keep stuff on our windowsills, but the counter that separates the kitchen from the living room accumulates tiny collections. Currently: Mini cloche full of very small clothespins, tiny deer figurine, a paper watermelon wedge, Lawn Fawn twine, 2 tiny paper churches and a paper house left from Christmas, a star-shaped paper punch . . .

  2. In my kitchen I have aug with basil and an angel plant, in my bathroom I have two orchids that bloom at different times. One is starting to bloom now and the other is in its former stage.

  3. I keep a collection of somewhat rustic ceramic birds on my windowsill. I love them, and I feel like when I look out…they just add to the birds outside - bringing the outside in a bit!

  4. I can't keep much in mine. I have cats that love my window sills. I do have an old coffee grinder on one and a big heavy candle on another. :-D I don't have too many with enough room for anything.

  5. Oh, what fun windowsills are! My kitchen window is THE best place for growing African violets...they thrive and are so beautiful! And I also have a bird figurine there along with a couple of interesting pots, and glass bottle filled with dried Indian corn with raffia. My breakfast windows have a small clock and two precious little birds. And I also love putting special occasion cards from my sweet hubby!


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