Friday, May 29, 2015

Hello & Goodbye!

Hello and happy Friday to you all! As we flow into the weekend, we love to do a round up of sorts in hopes of kick starting some creativity in your own crafting spaces. Today is no exception! Not only do we have the Bloomies on board to share some of their most recent creations, we have a quick reminder about our Power & Spark Challenge as well!

First things first, we have a couple fond farewells for two of our fabulously creative team members. We hate goodbyes! So, we’ll just say ‘See you later!’ ;-)


Dawn Burnworth decided to take a step back to be with family more. Who doesn’t understand and respect that? We sure do, but it goes without saying that we will miss her like crazy and will be sad not to see her beautiful artistry week in and week out! I thought I’d share a few of my favorite “Dawn Creations” just because!

I will never forget when I first started designing with Dawn years ago, she made the comment that she couldn’t color flowers. I laughed pretty darn hard when she said it because goodness gracious, all you need to do is take a look at the cards she designs and you have to just shake your head! Take a look at this lovely below using Power Poppy's French Lilac digital stamp set!

Or, how about this one using Power Poppy’s Arranging Roses digital stamp set? 

And these Camellias from the Simply Camellias clear stamp set just look so easy breezy with almost a watercolor wash. I love that look that Dawn seems to create with ease! 

Dawn, you are a master and a wonderfully sweet woman on top of all of that! We treasure your friendship sweet lady, and wish you all the best that there is in life!


I absolutely LOVE this photo of Danielle Kennedy in her boxing gloves showing off her fiery red hair and apple green gloves. When Power Poppy was “born” Danielle joined us with our premiere Bloom Brigade team and then moved on over to join the Instant Gardeners, sharing her trademark earthy look along the way!! For those that don’t know, Danielle is a photographer and often travels for work. This summer, she decided to focus on her family and work and take a break from blogging to just soak up life a bit more. As she posted on her blog about the news she said, “I’m gonna miss this gig.” Well, Ms. Danielle, we’re going to miss you too! We hope you get a chance to put your feet up and enjoy your break. I just love Danielle's style and thought I’d show off some of her cards that knocked my socks off!

I love the stippled background and hand drawn borders in this Bees in Foxglove creation...

In this snappy card using our Farmers Market set, Danielle shows off the way she can masterfully shade and sponge around her images just to bring out that warmth! LOVE! 

And this clean and classy layout shows off just a portion of our Arranging Roses digital stamp but does so in a way that lets you see all the beautiful possibilities! 

Danielle, you’re one of the coolest chicks we know, and we are blessed to have had you on the team! We’ll really miss you girl! Enjoy! 

It goes without saying that these two ladies are just a piece of the amazing talent that Power Poppy has brought together during the year we’ve been around! We truly thank Dawn and Danielle for sharing their time and creativity with us. Without further ado, we guide you to some of our Bloomies so that you can check in on their creative ingenuity! Be sure to click on over and say “Hey!”

+ + + Fresh Picks from the Bloom Brigade + + +

By the way, the clock is officially ticking on our Power & Spark “Cut It Out” challenge for May. You only have until SUNDAY, May 31st to get your entries in and have a shot at a Power Poppy stamp set of YOUR CHOICE! So, click on over HERE to see the official details and what you need to do to get your name in the hat!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit of your time with us! We hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead and we’ll see y'all back here soon!



CherylQuilts said...

Yes, I agree that "see you later" is far better! I have long loved Dawn's and Danielle's work and so admire each of their styles and personalities! And I will miss them both but am happy to read that they have decided to spend more time with their families...wonderful decisions. But I will miss their work. And I had to smile when you said, Julie, that Dawn doesn't think she colors flowers well! Wrong! She's amazing, as is Danielle, and I've loved all their work! May you both, sweet friends, enjoy the time with your family and have a beautiful summer and rest! And perhaps we shall meet again. Thanks, Julie, for a beautifully written post today! And I loved the blog hop and all the beautiful cards that the Bloomies treated us to! Hugs, all!

Karen W said...

I wish both of the gals the best and hope they enjoy their time off. The cards as always are amazing!!

Dawn B. said...

Thank you so much...I will truly miss this bloom brigade. I have loved my time here and know that you are always there for me. Much love...

Pauline said...

We surely will miss both of you Dawn & Danielle. Love your work, you both are such a great inspiration.
I wish you both all the best and enjoy the time off to spend with family.

Barb said...

Thank you, Dawn and Danielle for sharing your talent with us. Your creations have been truly inspiring. You both will be missed. Enjoy your time away.

Patti J said...

I will miss you both! It's been wonderful fun, seeing the amazing creations you've shared here. Kudos to you both for putting your families on the top of your are both incredible! And, Dawn, you sure enough CAN color flowers! Julie, I love reading your posts. They are all from the heart, and I'm sure you've been a blessing for these ladies to work with. Looking forward to your new release!

nancyk said...

Hi Marcy - I love your stamps. About as much as I love shoes. And I would love to have your images on shoes! I stumbled across a site called that has an open call for artists. They take artwork and put it on canvas shoes - both lace up and slip-ons. I would love for you to submit some of your designs in the hope that I can buy shoes with them on. My latest pair has flamingos on them - because after all I am in Florida! Please check out the site!!