Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Billowy, sinewy, papery Poppies - clear set preview starts today!

It’s part of the name of this very company, and we think it’s about time that they got some time in the spotlight: Poppies. The word alone is a joy to say, but the flowers themselves, ohhhh la la, I may need the assistance of a fainting couch just posting these Poppy photos I took recently...

Traipsing around my usual haunts (here, the Ottoman Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden), this absolute jewel of a plant, the deep, dark red of Papaver oreophilum, just glows atop the foliage surrounding it. But the velvety black centers are equally enchanting, comprised of multiple rings of stamens and the round pistil that will remain long after the petals fall, as the unique poppy seed pod. Some varieties of poppy sport centers in vivid yellow, or chartreuse, or white or apple green! How could it take me so long to come out with a set in honor of these beauties?

The double orange Poppies — Papaver intermedium — bloom in a riot of wild orange petals, and light up my neighbor’s garden like a fiery hedge.

I mean, just look at this crazy thing! I can’t take my eyes off that purpley center. And there are well over a hundred species in the Papaver family, I’ve captured just a scant few!

Each hairy bud and wonderfully sinewy stem has a mind of its own ... I’m reminded of dinosaurs with extremely long necks, arching to chomp the leaves of a tree. The buds (two sepals, actually) hold the tightly packed, tissue-paper-like petals until they are ready to absolutely BURST!

Even at the end of the flowers’ life cycle, there is such exquisite and quiet beauty. As in this pink Papaver somniferum, again in the Ottoman Garden, from last summer: 

From Shirley to Oriental, Himalayan to Icelandic... a quick Google image search for Poppies will yield enough color combinations and incredibly colored centers to inspire coloring for DAYS! I take that back... MONTHS! Oh heck, maybe even YEARS! :)

With the multitude of coloring options of Poppies in mind, I’ve designed a new stamp set that will provide you with so many blooms and buds, you’ll have a chance to explore all kinds of glorious color combos! May I present the newest clear stamp set, just one part of the Cultivate Love Collection:

Poppies is going to be a fun set to have on hand. For those times when you need a showstopper on your card front, these flowers pack a big punch! Or just to stamp and color for yourself, to experiment with hues to create your own rainbow.

The big bouquet of Poppies (which I modeled after Icelandic Poppies) bubbles up from a Chinese ginger jar. My inspiration for the vessel is the blue-and-white pottery that my grandmother Dorothy always had in her home and antiques shop as I was growing up. She and my grandfather went on frequent buying trips to the UK, where they would bring back all kinds of blue and white treasures, many of them English, but many Chinese that had been imported to England years before. The one I drew features the Chinese character meaning “Double Happiness.” Ginger Jars are perennially in in the decorating world, and I just noticed yesterday that there’s a cluster on them on the newest cover of House Beautiful - even featuring Poppies and Ranunculus...

Photo: @HouseBeautiful on Instagram
You’ll notice as you stroll around the Bloom Brigade’s blogs today, there are just so many options with the two large-sized images and four friendly sentiments in the Poppies clear set! Today we’re kicking off 5 days of stamp set previews with wondrous cardmaking creations, and on Monday, June 8th, everything will be available in the shop! Come have a look at what the ladies have come up with for today.

Take it away, Bloom Brigade!

We hope to see you back here tomorrow for another clear set preview that is sure to get your senses tingling, especially if you like herb gardening, ribbons, and hand-drawn lettering... (three things that I find essential to life.)


  1. This is amazing. I have been waiting with bated breath for a poppy set. I always love your write ups on each set as much as the set itself. This is one of my favorites (I think I say that each release). Wink wink. Great job girlfriend. You rocked this one.

  2. Love this write up Marcella.....your photos are incredible and I always love reading your have such a beautiful spirit and it comes through with every image you illustrate. So excited for you on this new release because I KNOW it is going to be a HUGE hit! :) (((hugs)))

  3. Oh, Marcy, I love reading your descriptions and seeing the gorgeous photos you've taken! WOW! And I love your detailed descriptions of these beauties and how you feel about them and what they bring to you! How incredible these are and in all the beautiful shades! Wow, God has made some amazing flowers, and this one is so special because of its name...and you've really given them "power" and pop in this gorgeous set! I loved each and every card for the Bloomies -- they knocked it out of the park! Hugs, sweet friend, and thanks for your amazing gift of artistry in words, photos, and in your drawing! Wow!

  4. I recently visited Duke Gardens in NC and fell in love with the sheer variety of poppies. What fun they are to picture! Your new set does them justice!!

  5. This is a gorgeous stamp set! I love poppies and I'm looking forward to seeing what the Bloom Brigade has to share!

  6. I'm so glad to see these Poppies in this Chinese Ginger Jar! I love the antique vase just as much as the foliage! So looking forward more release previews! Happy Dance!

  7. Marcella, love your story and your beautiful pictures. This set is gorgeous. The bloom brigade has done a wonderful job at showcasing them. Can't wait to see the rest of the release.

  8. Wonderful narrative and photos - enjoyed it so much. My mother had the proverbial green thumb and always had her herbs arranged as seen in the photos. And my grandfather's "English Garden" in upstate New York was a riot of poppies and other beauties. I have only recently discovered your website and am thrilled with your designs. I live in the Arizona desert so I have learned to appreciate the beauty of cactus flowers.

  9. New to your blog...coming over from Kathy Racoosins blog where she is having a 30-day coloring challenge. I HAVE READ all the above comments......and I agree with every single one. I don't think there's much more for me to add. I will add, however, I'm happy to have found your blog. I will be shopping soon.


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