Sunday, June 7, 2015

How do you make it the best day ever?

The best day ever, it means something different to everyone. The components of the best day ever could be as simple as waking up with gratitude, having a hot cup of coffee, doing meaningful or enjoyable work, crossing tasks off your to-do list, fixing a yummy dinner, watching a documentary, walking with your sweetie while holding hands... those all add up to awesomeness to me, for example!

And yet, we usually don’t think of the everyday as contenders for the best day ever. And honestly, even though regular days are often fantastic, they seem to have little bumps along the way to mess it all up... computer viruses, bickering children, stressful situations at work, health problems, traffic jams, you see where I'm going with this. We then turn to vacations, weekends, or holidays to give us some of that boomin’ best day ever potential!

I’ve designed a set that celebrates the getaways, the blissful lounging moments, the beautiful friends we gather with for weekend catching-up sessions, the beachy strolls, and best of all, the exhilaration that comes from experiencing the urge to shout out to the world, “THAT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!”

Let me show you one of my best days ever...

 1. We wake up before the sun and are on a tropical island. Winning!

2. We emerge in pajamas from an adorable retro cottage named after a Tiger’s Eye seashell. Mom has coffee in hand with perfect amount of cream and sugar.


3. We find seashells piled so abundantly high all along the beach, we walk hunched over in a “stoop” posture sifting through every handful. There are so many good ones, we can throw back the less than perfect ones that on a typical vacation would be the fanciest finds.

4. We allow Mom to take many, many photos without fussing at her to stop taking so many photos.

5. You know, like this photo right here.

6. We come back to the adorable cottage and organize all the seashells for hours on the floor, while snacking on pineapple and mangoes and sandwiches from the local market. We are so busy and having so much fun, we all get along swimmingly! Have we found paradise?

7. We play in the sand all afternoon. We even let Mommy read a good book she brought just for the trip without interruption for an entire chapter. We do not let sand get in her Diet Coke.

8. We take an outdoor shower and giggle the entire time because, hey, we’re taking a shower outdoors! That’s nuts!

9. We order the big seafood platters at our favorite local restaurant and even get ice cream sundaes for dessert, then finish our day where we started it, on a tranquil beach, soaking up the beauty of our marvelous world. Best. Day. Ever!!!

Like I said, there are sooooo many ways to define the best day ever, and I’ve designed a stamp set that focuses on some of the wonderful feelings of the lazy, lovely, relaxing, vacation-y summer lifestyle! Wanna see?

Best Day Ever features three large images and 9 sentiments to create cards for all kinds of occasions, whether you’ve gone to the beach or not! Come peek at the Bloom Brigade’s blog posts for today and take in all the colorful punch and happy feelings they’ve captured in their creations. You know, I thought it was that beachy seashell vacation, but now I’m starting to wonder if THIS is the best day ever!
See you back here on Monday - when everything is available in the shop and we have a giant celebratory blog hop with the ENTIRE TEAM showing off ONE MORE CARD from the Cultivate Love Collection. Can ya stand it?!


CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Marcy, I just love each of your blog posts for the releases! This has been an extra special one for me, because we live in South Florida. And these scenes remind us of where we live...and vacation when we go over to the west coast of FL. We love it here and love the beach (grew up going there in NJ as a child too). Oh, what a fabulous set this is going to be for such fun and happy cards. I love all the photos and memories you shared of some of your best days! Finn and Lulu are so precious and look like they had a blast on that trip years ago. And you sure looked relaxed watching that sunset. Thanks again for your amazing artistic ability. This has been one awesome release, and I love your words as well. Hugs and love!

Pauline said...

Marcy, I love your stories and photos. This reminds me of when Bill and I took our trip last year out to the east coast, first stop in Acadia National Park in Maine, then headed to Nova Scotia to visit Cabot Trail - OMG the sunrise and sunsets were spectacular along the ocean cliffs - great memories. I love all the sneak peaks that have been show cased. You are an amazing, talented lady, there is no end to what you can do. I agree with Cheryl, this is an awesome release - can't wait to shop tomorrow!

Christina said...

awww...the beach scenic is breath-taking! Wish I'm there right now! First time we visited Florida was back in 2009, July 4th weekend to Sanibel Island. We stayed at my husband's Godparents vacation home. I just loved it there! Seeing the photo of your children collecting the shells take me back to when I took a stroll on the beach with my oldest daughter...she was only 16 months old then. It was BEST.DAY.EVER! for me and my sweet pea. Thanks for this beautiful post and one awesome release! Hugs!

Maria Rodriguez said...

Dear Marcella, I felt tears in my eyes to recall the beautiful and amazing Spring Break vacations we too with our beautiful grandchildren when they were little. We enjoyed endless sunny days and warm beautiful nights with them for an astonishing 14 consecutive years and these are memories that will live in all of us, always. I know and remember how it feels to wake up and fall asleep with the beautiful sound of the ocean waves crashing on the beach, the sweet walks with the kids followed by grandma and grandpa, collecting buckets full of beautiful shells, running to us to show us that special one, "never seen before" shell that will be treasured forever.
Now, our oldest grandchildren, Vanessa 17 and Gabriel, 15 have other things going on, football practice and Orchestra practice, friends, etc. and it's harder to travel with the whole gang but, I'm grateful beyond measure for those incredible years grandpa and me had this beautiful children all to ourselves for two weeks every year.
This stamp set brought back this lovely and treasured memories and I again, thank you immensely for creating this images that are a part of your own experiences, and sharing them with us.
You are simply amazing.
Hugs, my dear.
Maria Rodriguez.

Lisa T. said...

Wow, that does sound like the BEST DAY EVER!!!! :D I just discovered Power Poppy through Allison Cope's blog when hopping along the Stamp of Approval blog hop. Your illustrations are AMAZING. I'm a new fan! :)