Monday, July 20, 2015

Inspire Me Monday: Gift sets (part two)

Good morning Peeps! Stacy here with another gift presentation idea to help inspire you. So grab your coffee and let me share with you today a beautiful gift box. 

Here is the final box and one of the cards inside. This box is what I call an open faced box with just a little side panel to hold the contents of the box. What a clever way to show off a few of the goodies inside AND when they use the cards inside they have a beautiful box to display afterwards. So let's get started. 

Supplies: Card stock, designer paper desired, adhesive, scissors, decorative dies, scissors and Countryside Bouquet Deluxe stamp set. 

Step 1: Cut a piece of card stock 9 inches length x 7 inches width. Score a 1 inch border on all four sides of card stock. Pre-fold and snip ends as shown. 

Step 2: Add adhesive to end tabs that are snipped. Fold inward to form box base. This is what it should look like. Basic box bottom, set aside.

Step 3: Cut a piece of card stock 4 1/2 inch width x 7 inch length. Score a 1 inch border on three sides. 

Step 4: Take desired die (shown A2 Curved Borders One) place at an angle above the scored line edge. Leave enough space to have a triangle look to the box. Hopefully that makes sense. 

Step 5: This is what it should look like after cut. Cut the right (1 inch scored ) panel off. See below picture if needed. 

Step 6: Snip corner tab along scored line. Add adhesive to edge of each 1 inch panel. 

Step 7: Start with the bottom panel and slide into box base and adhere. You will have the panel sticking out like this. 

Step 8: Before we adhere the left side, snip off the edges of the corner tab as shown. This will help the box flex a bit when you fold in the tab. Fold in and adhere to the box base. 

Step 9: Box is ready to decorate as desired. 

My final box has added gingham to the bottom (and side panels) so when the cards are used they have a splash of pattern. My flowers are from Countryside Bouquet Deluxe clear stamp set. They are all cut out and popped up for dimension. 

Here is the box with one of the cards inside and envelope. Easily this can fit anywhere from 6-8 cards and envelopes if they are not bulky. The sentiment is from Best Day Ever stamp set. All the flower petals have added sparkle for fun. 

One of the cards in the box to match. Some of the paper that was left over from the sides was used to match the die cut edge. Hope you are inspired to create your own gift box. Thanks for stopping in today.



Pop, Paper, Scissors said...

I love it. So inspiring.

Marcella Hawley said...

Stacy, this would project is so super cool. I absolutely loooooove how you did that cool scalloped curve on both the box AND the card. Especially cool how they are going opposite ways, and in contrasting white and gingham. So sassy! My other favorite aspect... you made those single Cosmos blossoms look so natural and floaty and realistic the way you layered them in the corner of the box, what a fabulous detail that is. I can't stop looking at it!! Thank you so much for sharing this detailed tutorial with us!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Stacy, every time I see one of these amazing gift boxes, I am enthralled. And this one is absolutely amazing! I agree with everything Marcy says! The fussy cutting and how you've popped the Cosmos blossoms - wow, it's amazing! They are so dreamy and beautifully colored!! What a really beautiful gift box and even shows off the card inside!! Totally in love with it, and thanks for your amazing step-by-step tutorial! You rock, girl!! Hugs!

Nora N. said...

Oh my!! This is stunning!! I LOVE this box that you created. Such a nice way to make a set of cards and give a gift!! So lovely!!

Theresa said...

What a beautiful gift set! Thanks for sharing the details! Love it!

Maria Rodriguez said...

Oh Stacy, this is just gorgeous, what an amazing way to give a set of cards, the box is a gift in itself. Those masterfully snipped blooms blew me away, what a lovely and glorious detail.
The Gingham in that soft pink looks so very sweet.
Thank you so much for the tutorial, it's so clear and perfectly explained.

Conniecrafter said...

Oh I love this one, gives such a wonderful presentation and your flowers are all colored so Lovely, thanks for sharing!

D.Ann C said...

Sweet gift box! Thanks for the fab idea and tutorial!!

Lynne said...

This is a lovely set. I like to make boxes and this is a saver. The only thing I would change is to line the edges of the inside of the base box to cover the tabs.

Adrianne Fane-Hervey said...

brill box thanks so much

Sassy Raggedy said...

What a lovely gift this makes. Thank you so much. Hugs, joann

Robyn Oliver said...

So very pretty and soft I just love this card and gift box - beautiful

Dandi93 said...

I found this early this morning while on pinterest.... It's absolutely gorgeous Stacy... Fabulous coloring my dear