Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The digi you’ve been waiting for: Ranunculus!

Hello everybody!

While you may not have heard from me in a couple days, rest assured that there’s been no shortage of action at Power Poppy headquarters. Working on all kinds of cool stuff with no end in sight! Did you catch our new digital set of bee-loving wildflowers called Asters Abuzz? That one was so much fun to refresh and refine. See the story behind it HERE! I’ll be bringing you another remixed digi on July 25th, so keep your sites trained on the Blog, my dears!

Meanwhile, I’ve been researching, sketching, inking, and fussing over our upcoming August clear stamp release, which I think is going to be quite the sock-knocker-offer. Oh, and did I mention that last week we started the process of rearranging and redecorating our house to welcome Doug and his sweet daughters to our not-all-that-big house? Good thing we love eachother so much, because my friends, it is going to be tight squeeeeeze! But now it will be a tight squeeze with snappy new wall colors, a shiny coat of high-gloss on every bit of trim (assures that there is never a dull moment), and newly uncovered hardwood floors from 1929.

OK, with all that action out of the way, we’re back to bring you a BRAND NEW botanical in the Power Poppy Instant Garden Collection. This one is not just asking you to color it up, it is practically ROARING. Introducing: Ranunculus!

You all have been asking me for a Ranunculus drawing and my good people, I do aim to please. The hardest part of designing a set like this was stopping myself from covering the entire paper with the roly poly posies. Truly, they are so much fun to draw!! I can’t imagine what a great time you’ll have coloring them. If you want to tempt fate and find out, click on over to our Instant Garden Collection and grab it, along with the sweet little sentiment that the flowers are paired with, as THE WHOLE THING IS AVAILABLE TODAY!

Oh my, we do have some more awesome news — our Instant Gardener design team is here to help usher in our newest botanical, and to set the stage for the artistry that’s possible with Ranunculus. Even just taking a quick peek at their cards gave me the shivers!!! Is it weird to gasp out loud when you see someone color in a drawing you made in the first place, but in a strikingly beautiful new way? I hope not, because I do it all the time and the feeling is indescribably NEAT-O!! Hope you have a chance to see all of these ladies’ gasp-worthy creations....

Thank you so much for coming by today to see our new set, and I hope you’ll grab it for yourself! Then turn around and share it with us — if you use three decorative papers in your card, you can enter it in THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE - GO SEE!


Barb said...

Greetings and Salutations, Marcella! I am so pleased to see this new addition to the Instant Garden! Ranunculus are also among my favorites. Heck! I'm just a flower girl and I love how you've illustrated these. After I buzz around to see the lovelies the DT has created, I will add this beauty to personal instant garden. I look forward to coloring it. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us. You're a gem!

Karen W said...

Beautiful flowers and gorgeous creations from the Team!!

Patti Willey said...

Never a dull moment ba ha ha! You're so funny! Congratulations on the new Family! We all love Doug too and can't wait to see you share Holiday Pics! So exciting! I'm glad Barb is picking up this digi she'll do it justice don't worry! I'll be waiting for you to knock my socks off next Month and I'm certain you will! Hugs! <3