Thursday, October 15, 2015

Holiday 2015 Collection: A Wreath on Every Door

Welcome back y’all! Today we are diving right in to our third set of the new Happiest Holiday release. (Scroll down to see yesterday’s Spice It Up and Tuesday’s Botanical Tree peeks!) I’m just gonna spill it, today is all about ravishing wreaths.

One of the most enduring and welcoming symbols of warmth, comfort, endurance, and reverence—you cannot go wrong with a wreath! It can be the simplest circlet of laurel leaves. It can be an extravaganza of texture, color, and variety. Whatever your pleasure, I’ve designed a set that is offers many options to make it your very own.

Now here’s the kind of funny part. I’ve named this set: Wreaths Plain and Fancy. Anyone who knows me (or has been following Power Poppy for the last year and half) can probably tell that it is verrrrrrrrrry challenging for me to keep things “plain.” I like to add more details, more curling tendrils, more berries ... This quote by fashion icon Iris Apfel sums up my philosophy pretty well:

“More is more, and less is a bore.”

We’ll have a bounty of wreaths to share! Wonderful cards by Katie Sims, Stacy Morgan, and Tosha Leyendekker.

That wonderful quote aside... when it comes to making a large batch of Christmas cards, things need to be fairly simple to keep the process moving. So in Wreaths Plain and Fancy, I’ve created a set that gives you two wreaths to choose from (one is no-holds-barred and packed with visual interest, the other is rather straightforward and sweet) AND THEN—this is the really fun part—there are interchangeable goodies that you can stamp into the center of the wreath to add an extra bit of whimsy. There are a whole bunch of sentiments that will fit inside the wreaths, too! Gosh, you could just use the little accents on their own if you want to. Whether stamping these wreaths in a single color or colored up in full splendor, I think this set will be a Power Poppy go-to!

And now it’s time to go see what the ladies of the Bloom Brigade have been working on with Wreaths Plain and Fancy! I just know you’ll be delighted and inspired when you travel ’round to their blogs!! Come on, let’s go see...

Thank you so much for stopping here for Day 3 of our Holiday preview. Two more exciting days to go... and tomorrow holds excitement for those who were a fan of our recent “peace and strength” themed digital set, and hoping it would become a polymer stamp... yeehooo!


  1. Oh my, Marcy, you have done it again! And, wow, do I LOVE these wreaths - especially since you've added the separate elements to place inside the wreaths. What a brilliant idea that gives us so many options. I love it, and the Bloomines (once surprise there) have wowed us today! Sigh, I can hardly wait to really dig into making my Christmas cards now!! And, before I forget, I always love reading your posts and loved the quote from Iris Apfel - and love all your tendrils and little extras. It's you! Hugs!

  2. Whoop! Love everything I have seen so far!

  3. This is absolutely amazing!! Such a lovely stamp set!! You are very talented!!
    Moxie Craftie

  4. Once again, my dear, you have tapped into my brain and created something that speaks right to my heart! I absolutely adore wreaths. I have a wreath for my door for every season, most of them I made myself. For me, nothing announces a new season better than a beautiful wreath. This set looks REALLY pretty! I am very eager to see the entire set and I know I'm going to want it! :) Time to go get inspired by the talented Design Team now.


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