Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring is in the Air!

Hello Power Poppy Peeps! It’s (happy dance) FRIDAY! I don’t need to tell you what that means, do I?? Okay, okay. I’ll give you the rundown. It means 1) Some shout outs to our creative customers of the week and 2) a little eye candy from our beloved Bloom Brigade, a.k.a. the Power Poppy Design Team, the finest in the land!

So, let’s get to some of those customer creations first! I mean to tell you, it is a PURE treat to surf around the blogosphere to see what kind of Power Poppy prettiness has sprouted in, get this, just SEVEN days! It’s like watching a garden grow, I tell you! These little bits of creativity are prolific and they sprout beautifully!

We love to share a bit of what we’ve witnessed blossom on your craft tables. This first creation is one of the entries for Stacy Morgan’s March Peek-A-Boo Power & Spark Sketch Challenge and it is, dare I say, BRILLIANT! This one is the brain child of Tricia Traxler and she used her Misti Stamping Tool to create these “ghost” images on the panel that she then placed over her main image. It looks like pink vellum, doesn’t it? Well, stamping friends, it is not! She stamped once and then using her Misti, stamped again for that perfect precision. I swear, I need one of those Misti thingies! Thanks for enabling Tricia, I tell ya! ;-)

We should mention Tricia used the Potted Primroses stamp set by Power Poppy and beautifully embellished this with sheer ribbon and a snippet of gold cording. Ahhh, it’s a beauty! 

Next up is a kind of a brag on one of our Bloomies. Did you see Christine Okken’s post for the Cardmaker Magazine blog? Man, what a bit of vintage and vibrant flavor Christine delivered — with a European spin. You’ll have to CLICK HERE to see how Christine used the traditional blue-and-white folk art flair to make this quartet of cards for a friend. Psst! Just in case you wondered, she used Power Poppy’s new Folk Heart clear stamp set. You’ll want to pin this photo so that when you get your stamp set, you can CASE it (Copy and Steal Everything!). She won’t mind! ;-)

Gaw-gee-ous Ms. Christine! I love the clean and classy design and how you really added so much dimension, even with the monochromatic make up of these cards!

Now it’s time to take a gander at what the rest of the Power Poppy Bloom Brigade whipped up this week. I have a feeling they made “spring” their muse for their latest creations. It’s just a feeling! You'll have to make the rounds to see for yourself!

That’s it for us today! We hope you leave inspired and ready for a weekend of creativity! And, don’t forget to tune in on Monday for another edition of Inspire Me Monday, when we kick off the creative week with a BANG!

See you then!


Tricia T said...

Aww, thanks so much for sharing my card! And you DO need a MISTI. I love my mini one!! Christine's cards are fabulous. I love the look of the white on blue. It reminds me of my Grandma's house!

Heidi Stamps said...

Beautiful projects!

Julie Koerber said...

I am glad you pointed out that you have the mini Tricia! I was wondering if, for card making, the mini was enough. :-) Seriously, you might have pulled the trigger on my purchase! LOL! ~Julie

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, I love that Tricia's card was featured today because it's gorgeous! I saw it earlier this and was thrilled she used the MISTI. Yes, Julie, it's well worth the purchase, and I just got my mini and think I'll use it more often than my larger one - less space and handy for most of the cards I do. And what a wonderful blog hop with such amazing inspiration by the Bloomies! Loved each one! Have a great weekend, all! Hugs!

Nora N. said...

Oh, oh oh!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Sandra Frutchey said...

Love how it does look like vellum! Awesome cards!