Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day two of Midsummer Stunner brings two new sets

Welcome back for our second day of previews for our big summertime stamp release. We’re going to jump right into the action today by sharing not one, but TWO sets with you! Yesterday we kicked off with Soothing Sympathy, and I do appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic comments, and sharing your own experiences with rosemary! Read that post here if you’re just joining us today.

One of my favorite things about the first set we’re showing you today is that although it has a wedding theme, it can really be used for a multitude of creative opportunities. When you want to celebrate, or if you just want something pretty and whimsical for the centerpiece of a card, this one has you covered! Introducing: Dream Wedding.

I was inspired by beautiful tiered wedding cakes with fruit and flowers, and after developing this look for the cake, went on to adapt it to wedding shoes and a festive bottle of Champagne.

I actually designed a few more companion images that I couldn’t fit on the stamping canvas — and I really do try to jam in as many images into each canvas as I can for maximum fun and possibilities — but they had to be cut at the last minute. Maybe they will appear someday in digi form to complete the wedding party! Regardless, there are still lots of images to work with — and the Bloomies have made some gorgeous cards with them to show you today!

But first, we have one more set that we hope will be a go-to for those times you want something nice to say in a card, but don’t want to have to hunt through all of your sets to find the right sentiment. This one has a whole bunch of nice things to say all in one place. And just to hammer home what this set is all about, we’re calling it: Nice Things To Say.

I’d love for you to grab a seat and take a stroll through the Bloom Brigade’s blogs, I know you’ll be wowed by their ingenuity with these new sets, and I hope they start the wheels turning in your mind about you might do with these images....

Take it away, girls!

Thank you again for coming by! Tomorrow we will have TWO more sets that you are not going to want to miss. Enjoy your day...


  1. I love the wedding cake, it reminds me of the one we had at our wedding! Very pretty!

  2. Oh, Marcy, what fun sets, and I love that wedding cake too! Wow, it's gorgeous and will be such fun to color and dress up for any party occasion! Love all the wonderful cards from the Blooms and looking forward to tomorrow! Big hugs!

  3. Just got done making the rounds today and I'm stunned again by your Midsummer Stunner! Everyone's take is different. What a team! Loving the sentiment set, too. You can never have too many sentiments. My heart flutters, Marcy!

  4. Hi Marcella, I hope it OK but I usually save the company for last so I can give my honest opinion. I just came across this hop so I'll have to back track to see yesterdays reveal. As for what I saw today, I love ALL of the samples and these sets are great. Very celebratory!

  5. The wedding cake is glorious!!!

  6. I love them both already! And I know the Bloomies are gonna knock my socks off! Thank you SO much for creating the cake set, I know it's going to be gorgeous. And what a FABULOUS idea with the Nice Things to Say set.

  7. Wow!! The cake is lovely!! Beautiful set!
    Moxie Craftie


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