Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nature and Nurture Preview: Day 1

Happy Tuesday, dear ones!

What a very exciting day, as not only are we sneak-peeking a brand new clear polymer stamp set and getting a glimpse into a ton of different ways to use it, but it’s Lulu and Finn’s first day of school (5th and 8th). Back into the routine we go... can I get an amen? It’s been such a nice summer for us: vacations with family and friends, swimming pool and skate park visits, bike rides and lazy mornings (for the kids, not so much for the adults) — but I am ready to get back to the regular school schedule. Just a bit. Or maybe two bits. Okay, four bits.


Today’s peeks are from a set called Prairie Cheer that works beautifully on its own—but is also a companion to the set we showed yesterday, Pure Prairie Bouquet. [Now, the bouquet is currently only available in digital format, but for the patient folks out there, know that we’ll be bringing out that one in clear as well in the future!]

Prairie Cheer was inspired by my jaunts to the wildflower restoration that’s going on near my house with all manner of native plants, but also by my travels this summer with roadtrips through the heartland. What do you see while you’re on a roadtrip through the Midwest and you take the scenic route (which takes forever but is so much more fun!)? Beautiful pastures! Rich farmland! Roads lined with nodding wildflowers! And in our area of the U.S., you’ll see acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat, wheat, wheat.

What I thought we really needed for a stamp set was a little sprinkling of several of these beautiful plants, drawn simply, wispily. So that for our customers sitting down to make a card with Power Poppy images, it could be both a joyful affair and not take quite so long to color. Or not be colored in at all, to be elegant enough to stand on their own. Along with, of course, some very sweet sentiments to help somebody else feel good. Which of course makes US feel good in the process! Presenting, Prairie Cheer.


While this set is available for pre-order, it will be fully revealed and start shipping on Friday, August 19th! Along with TWO MORE new clear sets. And you probably need all of them, let’s be honest. ;)

What a showcase we have for you today with Prairie Cheer! Take it away, Bloomies...

We’ll see you back here tomorrow for more previews... and it just might include a few digital images that you’ve been asking for me to pleeeeeease bring out in clear! Have an awesome day.


Tosha said...

I adore wildflowers...the wildflower restoration has not hit my town but it is in full bloom in my yard. I'm digging this new set,Prairie Cheer.

auntbubbels said...

Your cards are great and I love that sentiment.

Donna Phelan said...

You can even make wheat look pretty! :) I long for Fall and routines and soups!

CherylQuilts said...

Wow, I finally got to see all the Bloomies' cards, and I loved each one! Amazing images that will be wonderful for many occasions! Hugs!

Happy Stamper said...

So happy I was introduced to your blog and your stamps!!! Love them all!