Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nature and Nurture Preview: Day 3

Hi there! If you’ve found your way here to the blog today, you may know it’s the last day of our Nature and Nurture collection sneak peeks — but if you missed the first two days, just scroll on down to catch up on the beauty and creative sparks that are flying every which way!

In our part of the town, kids are heading back to school. While it still feels a bit summery out, there’s no mistaking that fall is going to be here sooooon! And with fall’s arrival, I will hope to be among the lucky ones to pick out the coolest hybrid pumpkins from the farmer’s market! The ones that make you say, “I didn’t know that gourds came in all of these cool colors!” I’m a sucker for those beauties — bigtime — but even then, you can’t go wrong with traditional orange. With four kids in the house, we always have plenty of the orange pumpkins lining our stairs, and I just have to hope that the postal carriers are now used to my displays on the front stairs. I do try to leave a bit of a walkway, of course, meandering to our door, but other than that, it’s a decorative gourd minefield.

Hope I don’t trip over the display myself on the way back to my studio from a walk up to Starbucks for my pumpkin spice latte....

I’ve designed a stamp set for this awesome time of year, celebrating all of these fall-y sensations, and when you see the images and sentiments packed into it, I hope that you too will be “Feeling Fall”...

We’ve got three large images, a few small accents, and some sentiments to boot! Did somebody say boot? Wellies (rubber rain boots) are all the rage at my daughter Lulu’s school, so I had to include one in a stamp set, they are just too cute to leave out! Our plaid wellie is filled with branches from a Japanese maple (based on the Acer Singokaku we have growing in the garden), but they can be colored up anyway you’d like! Maybe I’ll have to recreate this look on my front porch this year. Though I doubt Lulu will donate her welly to the cause... can’t really blame her. :)

Introducing this really fun set that I hope will be a must-have for your crafty stash... #currentmood: Feeling Fall.

Now, I know I’ve been saying that the Bloom Brigade are going all out with awesome creations to get you all buzzed up over this release... but you haven’t seen what they’ve done with Feeling Fall. Get ready for some of the cutest cards of the year!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the inspiration!! And we’ll see you back here tomorrow for our big release day blog hop! All sets are IN STOCK and ready to ship. PLUS — We’re going to be throwing some special savings in three different ways tomorrow, time for you to stock up and save — both digis and clear! Have a great day, my lovelies.


  1. These stamps set are FABULOUS! Marcella you are going to bankrupt me. Can't wait to get some of these. Have a great day.

    Mary L Schreiber

  2. I really like the gourds with the mug...and a pumpkin spice latte sounds pretty darn good!

  3. Can't wait to buy this set!!!!


  4. Wow, what a fabulous blog hop today, and it was "welly, welly" fabulous - haha! Seriously, what amazing cards, and I LOVE these images! Can't wait to see it all! Thanks, Marcy! Hugs!

  5. Welly what a fun hop and beautiful images so far!!!!! You all have some awesome talent!!!

  6. I am so ready for temps and routines....LOVE your illustrations, especially the Wellies....if you're a Gardener you must own at least one pair, I do....and a pair of sloggers, low rubber clogs. Happy (soon to be) Fall!

  7. Fantastic!! Love these stamps!

  8. I am over-the-moon excited about this release. Autumn is certainly my favorite time of year and I absolutely adore pumpkins! Is it tomorrow yet?!

  9. Just outstanding stamps. I can't wait to find some money!!


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