Thursday, August 25, 2016

What’s Up, Buttercup?

I’ll tell ya what’s up: we are introducing a new digital stamp set for our Digis on the 5s remix release. This one was selected from a clear stamp set that was a part of our very first release for Power Poppy! You may recognize the sweet teacup filled with fizzy flowers. But the sentiments for this digi are all new, and have an upbeat vibe and style all their own.

As a big fan of grabbing a handful of the tiniest stems in the garden — also the broken-off stalks, the extra buds, the errant tendrils —  and placing them in a cup, glass, or even an old bottle in my windowsill, the idea of nestling a bouquet of flowers in a teacup is right up my alley.

Coleus and Dill, chillin’ on the sill.

Nasturtium stems squeezed into an empty vanilla bottle earlier this spring. I decided to put these on my desk.

Are you ready? Here we go... Introducing Cuppa Buttercups!

If you want to add some good feelings to your morning routine, how about a spin around the Instant Gardeners’ blogs to see what they made with this sweet new digi? I promise that you will get a grin, it’s almost impossible not to with a cup of sunshine like this! Take it away, Gardeners...

Now, if you’ve taken a fancy to this image, but would prefer it in clear, you can find it in the stamp set called Marcella’s Mixtape. I only have a few of them on hand, and the ones I do have had a bit of yellowing in the polymer due to sunlight exposure... but they still stamp like a champ! So they are marked down to half off right now if you’re interested in picking up a set from our premier release at a supa-discount!

Go out and have the most excellent day!


  1. Adorable digi. Love the image and fun sentiments. My order came today and I was so excited to get happy mail. Love your stamps.

  2. Oh Marcie, love this digi! I don't own the stamp set, so glad you have made this part of your digi collection. And great sentiments! :)

  3. This little design is so stinkin' CUTE! I can see so many possibilities....what a fun image.

  4. Oh, and by the way, have you ever eaten Nasturtium blossoms? They are delicious!

    1. I finally chomped on one the other day because of you lol Spicy? Savory? Can't describe it or place it! :)

  5. This is gorgeous Marcie,just had to buy it!!

  6. Great photos, pretty digi! Dang....I just placed a small order.....should be here today....she said with fingers crossed! :)

  7. What an adorable set with wonderful sentiments, and I loved the gals' cards! Love that we can color these flowers to fit our DP and needs! Another beautiful digi set, Marcy! Hugs!


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