Monday, October 17, 2016

Holiday Preview, Day 2: Action Santa

Good day to you! Before I get too carried away with today’s sneak peek for our Holiday 2016 clear stamps, I want to say THANK YOU for your kind and supportive words about my post yesterday. Reading your notes got me a little teary-eyed. OK, maybe a lot teary-eyed. Thanks for being awesome!!! And the cards we shared yesterday were really something special, weren’t they? I think you’ll love working with the Simple Joys set, and we barely scratched the surface with the images that come with it — so you’ll have to come back ’round on Friday to see it all! (Please? We’d love to show you.)

Today, we are totally switching gears. In one case, I mean this literally! For our next set features Santa at his most energetic. Do you realize how many interests Santa Claus has? I mean, on top of handcrafting toys, running a workshop of busy elves, commandeering a team of reindeer, and orchestrating the dispersion of gifts throughout the world in a single night — he also loves to dabble in hobbies. What a Renaissance man:

Check him out, dude! Rocking the drums. Cycling through the streets. And oh, do you realize that he’s a gourmet chef on top of it all? Back in the DAY, greeting card companies seemed to be trying to outdo one another with the hobbies they would sign Santa up for. Vintage cards supply so many wacky ideas, and you just don’t seem to find them like this anymore in the stamping world. All of these jaunty themes are so whimsical and surprising to me, and just plain cute!

So friends, my new set, Action Santa, is racing in to show off some of the exciting hobbies that Santa enjoys — along with ZOOMING as fast as he can to get those presents to where they need to go. It’s like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles up in here!

Our Action Santa set features Santa cruising in an old-school scooter as he races through the snowdrifts to bring good tidings on the double. A second large image features the jolly jingler mid-air as a stylish skier catching major air. Accents create a snowflake-sprinkled mountain scene, plus lots of coordinating “action-packed” sentiments.

Action Santa will be available in the store on October 21.

If you are up for seeing some of the coolest ideas you can imagine, come check out what the Bloom Brigade has done with this new clear stamp set. It doesn’t get much better than this!!!

For those of you who are fans of Power Poppy’s nature sets, or if you just love Christmas, you’ll want to stop back here on Tuesday, because we have only just gotten started around here. Have a great one!


  1. This set is so cute! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself going through all of the cards that the design team made. I am loving the action that I am seeing. I am so loving this release and looking forward to seeing all of it.

  2. What a fun set, love the action!

  3. Oh, Marcy, I love all the vintage Santas and the wonderful vintage Christmas pieces. I love this set and really loved the blog hop seeing the wonderful cards the Bloomies made! WOW! This is a fun set, and I am looking forward to seeing it all!!! See you tomorrow, sweet friend! hugs!

  4. Well, Marcy, I already know I want it all and I haven't even seen it all yet. Guess I know what I'll be coloring for Christmas. You've outdone yourself. Congratulations!

  5. You know, I was just talking to some stamping friends and some people were saying how so many stamp companies just seem the same, but I have to say, Power Poppy does not seem the same and you have proven it with this really interesting and different vintage Santa set! Who knew he was up to all this!

  6. Oh my goodness! Love all the different Santa images. It's so nice to see something different.

  7. OMG Marcella, you are so right about "Back in the Day"! I'm loving these sneak peeks!

  8. This is SO adorable Marcella and the ladies cards are just awesome! (I love those vintage Santa images you've shown here. They remind me of card in my childhood!)

  9. Oh wow...I love this. Vintage and nostalgia, paired with your love of motorcycles! What a hoot! I think that I will add a touch of vintage looking glitter or old tarnished tinsel to complete the look.

  10. Action Santa is the best, love seeing the dt's projects!! Can't wait until Friday :)


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