Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Digi on the 5s: Fall Haul

We’ve got something fun to introduce today (golly, aren’t most things pretty fun around these parts? How lucky are we?) — it’s a rustic remix of a fall image from my archives, and I was so excited to bring it back to life as digi, I had to get into the coloring action!

Out came my watercolor palette and my tin of brushes, and onto the couch I plunked. Someday my back is going to seek revenge on me for what I put it through by painting cross-legged on the sofa and leaning toward the lamplight... but that is for another time.... because for now we have this fun digi that you can download TODAY and get right to coloring!

I just SWOON at the sight of pumpkins all piled up like this. So much so, I may have to go out and load up for the season this very week, as our farmers’ markets and local street corners are already starting to taunt us with their hay bales, corn stalks, and gourd displays. I’m ready for my own personal Fall Haul. And with that, here is our newest remix to share with you today:

You can get this baby straightaway and plunk down in your own coloring spot to have some fun with these pun’kins! Would you like to see more inspiration from some of the most amazing colorists in the land? I know I can’t resist an invitation like that... let’s go ogle!

Don’t forget to grab this one for yourself if you’re the fall-lovin’ type! I can personally vouch that it is a hoot to color. I might have another go with it later today.

Have a wonderful day, my sweets!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful image and painting!

  2. Beautiful image!! Your coloring is just perfect!!
    Moxie Craftie

  3. This is so gorgeous! I MUST have it, so off to order. Your coloring is spectacular, Marcy! No way can I color on the sofa where there's so little light, so love that I'll soon have a new window with a view in my stamp room. Thank you!

  4. Lovely digi. And sweet watercoloring.

  5. Love your watercoloring! Since this is a digi stamp -are you able to put colored paper in your printer?

  6. Oh, sweet Marcy, I LOVE when you color up an image! This is gorgeous, and I love the texture of watercolor paper and the wonderful wash of colors! Beautifully done and so inspiring! I LOVE this charming image just in time for the leaves to change and the harvest is here! Hugs!

  7. I absolutely adore this image, Marcella! It just screams AUTUMN!I love the way you've painted it, too. I can't stop staring at it!

  8. Beautiful. Marcella, I just love your images and stamps.

  9. Be still my heart! This is an amazing job on the images. The rest of your team has also done a fabulous job. You knew what you were doing when you picked them.

  10. Gorgeous! Your water coloring is AHmazing as is your artwork....gorgeous all over!!!


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