Saturday, October 22, 2016

Our website is alive and kickin’

Hello friends,

Some of you may have experienced quirkiness with the Power Poppy website not loading properly or at all yesterday. I’m terribly sorry for any inconvenience and frustration. Everything is back up and running smoothly and transactions should proceed without a hiccup. I do hope you’ll come explore and get the stamps that you’ve been eying all week.

We continue our two big sales on digis and clear stamps, and I will extend them a day to make up for the website downtime on Friday.

Note: If the website still does not appear for you, you may want to clear the cache on your browser window (press shift + refresh at the same time to do so) and this will enable the website to fully load.

Thank you so much for your time. I sure appreciate you!!


Emily White said...

Does the sale end Monday the 24th at midnight or Tuesday the 25th at midnight? (It says Monday Oct 25th...) Just want to be sure!
Thank you for offering this great deal!! :)

Marcella Hawley said...

Emily! We're extending the sale until WEDNESDAY, October, 26th at midnight! Boy, I really made that confusing, didn't I! Thank you for letting me know about the error. :) :) :)