Sunday, January 15, 2017

January's Instant Garden Digi: Sweet Pea Show

Why, hello there! It’s been a short spell since we’ve hung out, my dears, and I am very excited to be back in the swing of all the things! I hope you’re excited, too, because we have a special offering to share today to kick off the 2017 collection of Instant Garden digital stamps. If you aren’t familiar with our digital stamps, well, they aren’t really “stamps” at all. They are actually illustrations drawn by yours truly with a fine-tipped ink pen, scanned into the computer, and made available to you to download and print out at home.

You can make the images big or small, flip them or rotate them, lighten the color, and do all manner of things to them — then print out and color the day away. It’s really quite fun! That’s why we offer new digital images three times a month, because once you start playing with “digis” it can be quite addictive! We will have another introduction on the 25th of January, and another on February 5th. (Sign up for our newsletter to get word of new arrivals, plus other fun tidbits about art, life, gardening, and creative curiosity!)

Anyhooooo.... it’s time for a new drawing to be revealed, and as you can see from the banner image above, it’s a swirly whirly one to be sure. If you love curlicues and swirly bits as much as I do, the this illustration is going to be one you’ll want to grab for your coloring stash! Inspiration was provided by a dear friend and neighbor of my parents, who, while my mom was going through her cancer treatments, brought vase after vase of Sweet Peas from her garden to my folks’ house. They were so beautiful and abundant, Mom set up a little still life in the green house and sent me photos!

Do ya wonder where I got my love of all this dainty stuff from? My mom literally grabbed a quilt and  a selection of transferware cups and saucers that echoed the colors in the Sweet Peas just to take photos of them for her own pleasure. After snapping these photos (this was in spring 2015), she then had me drive over and get a vaseful, as she had been given so many. That woman!! She was like no other.

Sighhhhhh. So, friends, it’s time for another showing of the Sweet Peas. Only this time, I’ve drawn them, and am sharing them with YOU to add the color! Presenting, Sweet Pea Show.

Get a load of those lil tendrils! Until you get your hands on some this spring and summer, this illustration may have to do. And I think it will do pretty well, based on what I’ve seen come from the craft rooms of the Instant Gardeners, our incredibly awesome design team! These ladies are charged with ushering in my brand new Instant Garden digital offerings, and they do such an amazing job inspiring us! If you don’t believe me, come and SEE what they’ve done with Sweet Pea Show.

Take it away, ladies!

I hope you enjoy our new Power Poppy illustration, Sweet Pea Show — and you’ll find that it comes with three sentiments, a few of which have a Valentine’s Day theme, you know, for those very special Sweet Peas in your life! Enjoy your day and see you back here on Monday for a wonderfully inspiring post by our very own superhero, Julie Koerber. Can’t wait!


  1. Breathtaking love sweet peas and couldn't resist this purchase, will visit the ladies in my morning...night from australia.xx

  2. Fantastic new digi. I love sweet peas!

  3. Wow! This is stunning, Marcella!! Love it!!

  4. Sweet peas are my FAVE-orite flower so I've been (somewhat) patiently waiting for this one since I saw your sneak peek. Thank you!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! So many colour variation! Looking forward to having it!

  6. these are gorgeous! i couldn't pass them up- we visit the flower fields in Carlsbad, CA every spring and get lost in the sweet pea maze! Your digi version is delightful and will always remind me happy times with my daughter (she's 12) :) Happy New Year everyone!!

  7. These are beautiful, Marcy! A must have, for sure! Your mom's photo is just gorgeous. It could be in a magazine. She was a woman after my own heart, loving beauty just for beauty's sake.

  8. I jumped on my order for these sweet peas as soon as I saw them. They have lots of special meanings. Thank you for this beautiful stamp set.

  9. A beautiful stamp set. One to enjoy colouring for sure.


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