Friday, January 20, 2017

Your Friday Splash of Inspiration!

Hello folks and Happy Friday! I will be honest, this little blog post is going to be a quick splash of inspiration to get your weekend GOING! Why? Well, in a matter of hours yours truly and the Chief Creative Peep of Power Poppy, Marcella Hawley herself, will be on a plane bound for Creativation 2017, formerly known as CHA.

Yes, I know. It is almost too much to bear. Why? You might ask? Because in the nearly 10 years Marcy and I have "worked" together, we have never met in person. Never. Not. Even. Once. We have a LOT of catching up to do, don't you think?

So, in addition to floating the trade show floor and soaking in all the new design ideas and trends, we will be POPPING with ideas to make Power Poppy  even bigger and even better so that you can vicariously, through Marcy's design prowess 'Live Life in Full Bloom!'


Wonderful! Moving on! We'll share some of the fabulous finds we discovered on our weekly hop around the blog-o-sphere! They are beauties, I tell ya!

First up, Lori Craig knocked our socks off with this sparkly, embossed and beautifully colored up bevy of roses using a blown up version of our digital stamp set, Arranging Roses! 

Heidi over at "My Little Stamping Blog" made us smile with this sweetly colored budgie from Power Poppy's set Short Stacks! We loved the vibrant colors and the contrast with that peaceful, easy pastel background. And, who doesn't love a bit of bedazzling! 

Elizabeth Zaffarano showed us just how lovely Power Poppy's digital stamp set Flowers, Always can be... gilded in foil!

And, Jenny Colacicco made me swoon at her interpretation of Power Poppy's newest digital stamp set Sweet Pea Show in a delicate wash of watercolor!

Like I said folks, short and sweet! Now it's time to 1. remind you to play along in our Power & Spark Winter Blooms Challenge! You can read all about it HERE. And, 2. share the linky so that you can "Oooo" and "Ahhh" over the Bloom Brigade's latest Power Poppy Creations!

Thanks for stopping by and as the kids used to say.... "See Ya on the Flip Side!"


Heidi Stamps said...

Oh my, I came here to see the project by Lori that showed up in my blog feed and then was surprised that you shared my short stacks card here, too. Thanks! That budgie is so cute I never tire of using that stamp!

All these projects are so beautiful! I am going to have to check out how they were made!


Berina RGA said...

Beautiful cards!! Congratulations ladies :)

Patti Willey said...

Beautiful cards this week Peeps! You girls enjoy your gathering I think that's a great idea and can't wait to hear all about growth for Power Poppy how exciting!

creatingincolors said...

Wonderful Friday inspiration. Have a great time at CHA!

Donna Phelan said...

STUNNING! Love the beautiful inspiration when I pop on over here! Have FUN at 'CHA' us EVERYTHING!!!

CherylQuilts said...

What gorgeous cards were featured on this blog post...amazing variety and gorgeousness. And wow for the Bloomies and their stunning and exquisite cards! It makes a difference too using Marcy's amazing artistry!! Warm hugs, all! xoxo

ionabunny said...

Amen. And have fun at CHA, which I am going to continue to call it cos it's so much easier that that aglomeration of linguistics that they have renamed it. So glad I have that budgie on a stack of cups cos he is so pretty. Hugz

Camille Short said...

How scrumptious these all are!

Jenny Colacicco said...

Wow so nice to see all the wonderful inspiration and sqweeeee for putting up on there!! :0