Saturday, February 25, 2017

Digis on the 5s release: Vintage Easter Egg

Well hello! Fancy meeting you here. I’m just about to roll out a remixed illustration of mine that has to be one of my favorites. (Do I always say that?) It’s a sweet throwback in style, but also in attitude! You know, I find a lot of inspiration from vintage postcards and sweet old-timey illustrations. They seemed to capture such whimsy, such imagination! Flowers typically swept across the scene in some fashion or other. Interwoven with typography or image. Hand-lettering, sometimes gilded and embossed, was commonplace. And sometimes the scenes were downright quirky! (Note human baby poking out of egg in the montage below, hehe!)...

Well, I just love to look at all of that kind of stuff, and study each detail. Such a gentle time. I do think it’s quite special that nowadays it’s up to the cardmaking community to make the special cards that will be passed down for generations, adding the gilded touches and the special embossing. Hooray for all of YOU!!! I’m adding my newest addition to the Power Poppy’s downloadable stamp archive with Vintage Easter Egg.

If you like to make charming Easter cards, then this one is for you! Today’s set comes with the core illustration of a picotee-edged ribbon-wrapped egg, surrounded with simple flowers and leaves, plus a customizable tag. I’ve also included a tag with Happy Easter hand-lettered upon it, so you have a choice there. AND, there’s a sentiment that can be used on the inside... or, as you’ll see in Nancy Sheads’ card, on the outside! Wow, always so pleasantly surprised with what our wonderful designers come up with!

Let’s get on with the Vintage Easter egg show... our super-skilled Instant Gardeners came up with some adorable cards to inspire you!

Thank you for coming by today to check out the new image, and remember, you can be coloring it yourself within a few minutes with a quick order and download! :) Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


  1. I don't remember ever seeing this image, so I'm happy to add it to my collection! I love the look of the vintage Easter cards. Pretty and whimsical at the same time. Thanks, Marcy!

  2. This is so pretty!! I love the ribbon wrapped around the egg :)

  3. This is in my collection as well, I have seen Easter images but something about this one says, "special" it and Marcy you are wonderful adding this to the collection...thanks.xx

  4. Beautiful Easter images. I also love the font on your sentiments! As always, you create such beauty!

  5. Super cute image and I like the sentiment too!

  6. Such a darling image, Marcy, and I love the cards the team made!! Hugs! xoxo


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