Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Fling Day 4: Peony Muse and Artful Display

Hi friends! Yesterday was such a whirlwind of activity, it almost feels like a blur. We announced the winners of our jumbo stamp Giveaway (did you see who won? So fun!) along with two flower-filled stamp sets. Today we’re sharing two more sets, and we’re THISCLOSE to tomorrow’s final set and release day! 

So are you guys into decorating? Along with staring at plants, decorating is my favorite sport! I like to dream about how I’m going to decorate perhaps even more than the physical act of decorating. Paging through magazines voraciously, stopping, staring, dreaming, planning... and sometimes actually following through to bring the beauty I see in magazines into our home. Here are photos of a few spaces in our house that make me happy. You may notice a theme... check out the walls for groupings of objects. We’ll return to that topic shortly...

Our “entryway” — or more aptly called “the stuff you see when you walk in the door that’s behind the couch”. Often piled with backpacks, musical instruments, soccer bags, shoes, rollerblades, you get the picture. Where are they in the above photo? Why, I shoved them into the area behind me to take this nice photo. Because I wanted you to look at the grouping of the frames and plates on the wall. Aren’t they fun? This scene is composed of framed images that all have meaning to me: a Majolica asparagus plate given to me by my mom years ago, a framed print of seashells (again from my mom, boy was her decorating game strong!), an old French lithograph from a chair catalog that I picked up on Portobello Road in London over 20 years ago, and on the bottom row, a very cool photo of my Auntie Bea when she was a child in Poplar Bluff, MO, and a vintage plate from my Grandma Bonnie. 

In this entry area, all of the objects have a color theme of brown, cream, and turquoise — and the various shapes of the items make them all work together. Yay!

Next up is this shot from my living room leading in to our dining room. Old plates and vintage Minton tiles arch their way up the wall, and when I walk under it, I feel so happy. The colors of the objects all have that turquoise theme, but on this wall, things also have a bit of green or yellow. I purposely looked for items with turquoise accents any time I was out bebopping around antiques shops or trolling eBay. Note that we have another grouping of art and plates in the dining room. Clusters of visual beauty with colors that complement and shapes that aren’t exactly alike, but echo one another as you move room to room. And yes, we currently have an old sofa in the dining room... it’s a long story.

Hey look, more plates and framed antique-y stuff! The oyster plate up top is one of my favorite things in the house. Each oyster-cradle looks as if it’s been edged in a gilded blanket stitch. I don’t like oysters but I LOVE oyster plates!

From the dining room into the sunroom (psst... it is no longer a sunroom; last year we transformed it into a bedroom for one of our four kids). But still, check out deez plates and platters and frames! A collection of vintage lemon juicers, Portmerion botanical plates, and framed vintage prints makes my heart sing.

Upstairs in my refreshed office space, and look, more stacks of cute stuff. I haven’t finished putting up the artwork on the walls, but you can pretty much rest assured that there are going to be framed images and plates! It’s just so fun to arrange them in all different ways.

One thing I wanted you to gaze upon... do you see the doggie in the window? I mean, doggie on the shelf? That guy is a Staffordshire spaniel from the late 1800s, part of a pair (the other one is downstairs manning another vignette somewhere). These pottery figurines have been collectible for years, and my Grandmother Dorothy was a dealer of English antiques, so I inherited some doggies from her. They are quirky but eternally cool. My mother also gave me a set of Staffordshire dogs that I cherish, ones she bought at auction when she and my dad were first married. You’ve got to do a Google image search to see all of the interesting variations!

So.... was that enough decorating for you? Are you ready for something crazy? I have brought my obsession with creating arrangements of plates and artful objects into the stamping realm. Introducing: Artful Display.

The stamps in this set are like what you’d find after a day of thrift store shopping or a lucky binge at an estate sale — all the makings for fanciful cards that will delight you AND the person who gets your card. I know if I received a papercrafted treat with decoratively arranged plates, I would think to myself, “The person who sent this is quite possibly the coolest person ever.” 

Wait till you see the Bloomies’ cards!!!! You may have seen them already since I’m a a few hours late posting this blog. :) 

On to the next stamp set preview. Is it fair to say that this one ALSO tugs at my ever-lovin’ heartstrings? Yep. Due to this simple fact: I. LOVE. PEONIES.

They’re the best, no need to debate it. Above is a handful of ’em from my garden, featuring such cultivars as ‘Do Tell’, ‘Lights Out’, ‘Coral Charm’, and ‘Sarah Bernhardt’. (That sweet white plant dotting the background is Anemone canadensis, also called windflower, which I willfully allow to roam all over my yard as you can see...)

So I already have a few digital and clear stamp sets featuring Peonies. Why another one? Well, folks, because this time, I went BIG. Also, you can never, ever, ever, EVER have enough Peonies. Introducing Peony Muse...!!

Composed of two lush peonies in various phases of opening, plus a tight bud, leaf clusters, and hand-drawn sentiments offering love, light, and prayers, this set is really pretty great. You can create a whole hedge of peonies or just a single focal point. I confess to playing with these for a few hours just trying different combinations.

And.... IT HAS COORDINATING DIES!! They'll be in the shop by early next week. Happy dance, anyone?

I’ve gone on talking for WAY too long... and what I REALLY want you to see are the cards made by my artistic, adorable, highly imaginative design team, the BLOOM BRIGADE! Popping from blog to blog seeing their work is truly one of the highlights of my life — it’s a thrill to see what they do with a humble drawing to turn it into a card-sized masterpiece. Go girls, go!

Awrighty.... tomorrow, the final reveal (which many of you have already pre-ordered, tee-hee) and ALL the sets will be available for purchase! Be sure to wait till tomorrow, because we just might be having a special offer so you can save if you buy multiple sets.... :)

P.S.: Today is last day you can get in on the Kit and Clowder Online Coloring Class featuring Power Poppy. I have literally seen peoples’ coloring ability get turned on their heads — AMP UP your skills! Alyce has all kinds of package discounts and I can guarantee, you will love the feeling of community and support offered by the other students, the “Clowdies” - so cute! Visit their Facebook Group to check out some of the results of taking the class. You’ll freak out, and then realize that you could take this class and draw in this style, too. Why not? Once you sign up, you can take the class whenever you want. Just have to sign up by March 15 (which is actually March 14 in the US, Alyce is based in Australia. Oi Oi Oi)

Sending out LOVE and good vibes to you today!


Heidi Stamps said...

Lovely house tour! I really like all the plates and so on you display on your walls and the matching stamp set! I will love to check out the blog hop.

Karen W said...

Totally gorgeous stamps and creations, the dies are not listed on the site yet so I hope when I order tomorrow they are on and ready to click on. I have taken the coloring class with markers and I LOVE it, really helped me with my shading.

Berina RGA said...

Love how you've decorated your house! Beautiful plates. The new stamps are lovely Marcella!!

Melanie MacKenzie said...

I'm with you Marcy...I adore Peonies. In fact this summer I am planning to plant out a cutting garden of sorts, stocked of course with Peonies, so I can cut to my heart's content without ravaging the other plants. Cannot wait to get my hands on that one! And a die! Oh my! :)

Marcella Hawley said...

Hi Karen, so glad you're enjoying the stamps and the cards you're seeing.... the dies WILL all be loaded and ready to purchase, thanks for double checking. So glad you took the class and loved it!! How rewarding to read that. xoxo!

Marcella Hawley said...

So kind of you, Heidi, thank you! I love to read the notes you leave for us, THANK YOU for being so positive and wonderful!!

Marcella Hawley said...

I have fun decorating, it's the parts I didn't share here that are not so lovely... the laundry areas for example.. Oh well, that is life! :) So glad you like the new designs, thank you!

Marcella Hawley said...

Melanie.... DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! Be sure to look at the catalog for Klehm's Song Sparrow nursery -- I am pretty sure they ship to Canada, and they are located in Wisconsin so not too far from the border. They have the most exquisite varieties, you will not be able to stop at just a few. I'm so excited for you!! (And a bit envious! hehe!)

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, dearest Marcy! This post was well worth the wait! I did visit the Bloomies' blogs earlier (a few at a time), and all I can say is WOW they sure are amazing...always ramping it up and up...each time! Love them all too! I so loved reading (enlarged of course...hehe!) this longer post and constantly remembered my precious mom who was the ultimate decorator and where I got my love for decorating. Her home was gorgeous. I love your home and how you decorate, and I love the antiques...something I always love in my home. I still remember arranging things on the floor before finally hanging. But I also remember hanging something and then changing it and hoping the nail marks wouldn't show. Ha! And it brings back fondest memories to see dish/plate hangers. I love the sofa in the dining room BTW and think it should be "in" because it brings a sort of gathering feeling and a place where someone could "plop" down and sit while someone is still eating (something we would never think to do back in my day!). And I would LOVE to do the thrift shops (and the flea markets when they were really that and you could deal with them). Great memories and wonderful inspiration. I LOVE peonies too and think you are the greatest, Marcy. You have been a paradigm shift to the card-making industry with your artistry, creativity, vision, and panache! You are the bomb, girl! Love you dearly! xoxo (P. S. I did sign up for the Clowder class and started it...but I'll finish it when my eyes clear up. Amazing coloring!)

Patti Willey said...

Over the top! Wooooo! There's another one tomorrow? Man o Man! This is such a treat!

Patti J said...

Each day brings more beautiful creations! Totally loving this set! Another amazing hop! Thank you!

Essie - escards said...

This is the Best. PowerPoppy. Week. Ever. The new stamps are breathtaking...I can't decide which to start with! And this peek into your home is fabu! My parents were antique dealers in the midwest when I grew up (in a teensy one-stoplight town), and I have my mother's love for decorating with antiques and my father's love of flowers and old books--can't tell you how excited I am to see your plates and other goodies entering your stamp creations! I hope you've insured those little doggies--they're adorable AND very sought after in the antique world! What a lovely homey comfortable nest you've created for your family!

creatingincolors said...

Yes, best ever release of new stamps! Your artistic talent is amazing. I also love the photos of your home and the stories behind them. It's wonderful how you have created a home filled with things you love, a happy and comfortable place to live. And someday you'll have to finish the story about the couch in the dining room. It looks perfectly comfy there!

Donna Phelan said...

I love that you feel decorating is a sport to are definitely on the Varsity Team! What a beautiful....meaningful home, full of love and memories. Now on to that Peony....Oh My Word!