Friday, July 14, 2017

Good Vibe 5 -- Julie Style!

Hello folks! Yours truly is filling in for Ms. Marcella who is on one of the most eventful, fun-filled family road trips EVAH! She hit the nation's capital with the kiddos and her Instagram is lit up with all kinds of epic escapades! 

I have to share just one picture that made me laugh pretty darn hard. Check her out, will you? She completely rocks the Colonial vibe, don't you think? hehe! Love that little lady! 

So, in the spirit of her Good Vibe 5 Friday posts, I thought I'd take a stab at sharing warm fuzzies and inspiration! So, here goes folks, buckle up and get ready for the ride!


Can you even handle that smile and ... THAT FISH?? This is Bloomie Tosha's idea of a grand "girls only" getaway -- deep sea fishing off in the Morro Bay in California. At last check, she caught 9 and the day wasn't even done yet! You go -- you fish slayer, Ms. Tosh! She has some AMAZING photos from her adventure. So check them out HERE. Who knows, maybe seeing her excursion will inspire you to plan your own "girls only" getaway! 


Okay, this good vibe might not be fair. This amazing glimpse of Elizabeth Zaffarano's creation is just that, a snippet. Sadly, I can't send you a link to show more of this project using Power Poppy's Orchids Rock stamp set but I can tell you this is a work in progress for an upcoming Power Poppy post. SQUEEEEEEEE! Okay, I just let the giant cat out of the bag there. Yes, Ms. Elizabeth will be doing some guest hosting of Inspire Me Monday in the not-so-distant future. Stay tuned peeps -- BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING! 


Friends, take a gander at this creation above. That is not a light shining on a stamped, dimensional image. That is the phenomenal job Shelby Thomas did of creating depth with the help of grey-toned Copic Markers and Power Poppy's Hellebores digital stamp set. Can we all take just a second to breathe out a collective sigh and say "WOW!" Yes, please join me. And, if you want to see another example of her shadow work, click HERE. I dare you to give this technique a try! I know I am going to give it a whirl!  


Remember playing with "plastic" as a kid -- hunkering down in front of the oven and watching all the excitement as your Shrinky Dink creation twisted and turned to create a "mini me" version of its original self? Those were the days, right? Well, as Ally Cope shares, we can all still be a kid at heart! Check out a sneaky peek above of the whimsical bookmark she created then click HERE to see her video tutorial using Power Poppy's Tiger Lily XL!


Well, my sweet stamping friends, the fun continues at the Power Poppy Shop! Since Marcy's vacation was extended a bit -- guess what else is still ongoing? YES! You are right! It's our sale on all digital stamp sets! WOO HOO! Through the weekend, you'll be able to grab any of the digis in the shop for 20% off! Like the graphic says, simply use the code VACATIONDIGIS at the time of checkout!  

And with the new techno-friendly images you purchase, why not dabble in one or, maybe two of the challenges we've got going on right now! Have you seen this week's monochromatic Hues to Use? Don't walk, run and check it out! And then, of course, grab that design power and play along in this month's Power & Spark. It's a fun one because Ally Cope is challenging you to CASE a Bloomie! Not sure what that means? Never fear! You can read all about it HERE! ;-)

Speaking of the Bloomies, a few of them are on stand-by -- AS WE SPEAK -- just ready and waiting for you to stop by and see some of the fun and crafty goodness that they've been working on this week! So, stop by, will you?

Thanks so much for spending a little bit of your day with us! Be sure to tune back in on Monday when our good friend Kathy Racoosin will be "in da house" sharing some colorful ways to add pizazz to cardmaking en masse! You will not want to miss this one folks! 

See you back here soon!


Marcella Hawley said...

JULES!!!! This is cracking me up - you are the most AWESOME SPARKLING STAR!! Love love love the Good Vibe 5 "Julie-Style" - and I am courtsey-ing with my Colonial garb to your mastery! Thank you so much for sharing these GORGEOUS cards and check out Tosha ruling the fishing trip!! I am all smiles on our last day of vacation... now for the two-day road trip home... wish me luck and sanity!

Heidi Stamps said...

Love the photo of Marcella with colonial attire! Great projects here, tfs!

Elizabeth Zaffarano said...

Wow! Shelby's shadows are amazing!! I definitely struggle w getting my shadows looking realistic. Off to see more!

Ann said...

Oh my gosh!! That look on Marcella's face. Ha! I'm feeling a "Hues to use" in that pic of her somewhere, ha!

Berina RGA said...

Marcella looks amazing! It's so nice to see their trip pics in Instagram. Can't wait to see Elizabeth's post. Shelby's shadows are realistic. I love it.

Lisa said...

Fantastic features, you did great Julie!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, what a fun post, and I LOVE seeing Miss Marcy in her Williamsburg dress...she definitely could fit into this era with ease and look so stylish...woohoo! Go, Tosh, for all the fish you caught! Beautiful photo! And I love seeing all the beautiful ideas. And as always, it was a fun hop to see what the Bloomies had in store for us...gorgeousness...what else? Hugs! xoxo