Friday, September 8, 2017

News from the Good Vibe Tribe!

Hello all and Happy Friday folks! Are you ready for another heavy helping of inspiration here on the Power Poppy Blog? Because, my friends, I am ready to dish it up! There was so much inspiration out there this week that I was actually giddy as I made the rounds! And.... I cannot wait to share. So, let's jump right in and get to all this excitement!


This first little burst of creativity comes from coloring phenom Elizabeth Zaffarano, one of Power Poppy's newest Instant Gardners! Did you catch that fun news, along with a brand new digital stamp delight? If you did miss it -- don't have FOMO (fear of missing out), click HERE and read all about this fun-filled news! Then, hop, skip and jump HERE over to Elizabeth's place on the web to see how she created this gilded look above using Power Poppy's Vibrant Thanks stamp set that she said replicates the look of Italian Damascene jewelry using Mica-based paints! So fun and sparkly!


Folks, there's been a Bloomie sighting! This one happened at the charming little stamp shop Impressive Ideas located in the heart of Norcross, Georgia. Our own "Inky Peach," Katie Sims stopped by to show off her coloring prowess and helped overload these happy stampers with a giant dose of Power Poppy goodness! I can only venture a guess here, but I am sure they were taken with Katie's charm and her incredible coloring skills!


Christina Hor reeled me in with this fun "Fly Guy" creation she fashioned for her husband as a way to celebrate their 11th anniversary! Check out how she created her own sentiment to go along with this beautifully colored up image! If you want to check out her creation in its full glory, click HERE! On that post, Christina was even gracious enough to share her digi sentiment as a freebie to use to create your own Fly Guy cards! What's even more fun is the fact that this card was her way of saying, "Hey hubs, let's go fishing on our anniversary!" Too cute, right?


Enna (@ritzyhag on IG)  crafted not one, but TWO stellar holiday cards draped with a monochromatic flair! I know that when autumn hits and card makers start dreaming about their holiday creations, they want/need/crave ideas! We thought Enna's idea for mass producing creations with Power Poppy's Botanical Tree was truly "share worthy!"


Okay, this last vibe is just one that melts my heart and makes it bubble up with joy. Why? I remember when Marcy started this amazing company three years ago and mentioned how she wanted to personalize each and every delivery. She grabbed her string, her decorative papers and a slew of washi tape and sounded just so excited to be able to connect with her customers. I, being the somewhat jaded person that I am, thought, 'Well, I wonder how long this could possibly last?' I thought she might just get too busy trying to get orders out the door. Amazingly, it's lasted three years and still brings as much joy today as it did three years ago. What's fun is seeing just how much customers love this extra touch when they post their happy mail on social media. One more reason why I love, love, love my friend Marcella! ;-)

Now it’s time for the all-star line up, the Bloomies are back...

Want to see what the Bloomies beautifully crafted... just for you? Well, stop by, say "hi" and see for yourself!

Have a fabulously colorful weekend, and we’ll see you back here in a few days! You won’t want to miss awesome Ally Cope’s newest Inspire Me Monday tutorial coming your way to kick start your week!



Heidi Stamps said...

It was a special surprise to see the hand decorated tag on my orders! So sweet of Marcella. I have kept mine taped to the stamp sets.

Ann said...

I keep all of my tags and wrappings that come on my orders from Marcella. It is a really special touch that I always look forward to when my order arrives. Beautiful projects by all.

Berina RGA said...

Lots of beautiful inspiration as always! I do love Marcella's hand written tags. In fact, I placed an order for clear stamps (though I prefer digital stamps because I can resize them anyway I want) just because I wanted one of those tags ;)

Elizabeth Zaffarano said...

I love getting that little note from Marcella! I've kept a bunch just Bc they're so cheery!

Wendy said...

Love this posting :) The card ideas & colors are great and I LOVE the hand written thank you I get with each order <3 I also keep the notes and I use the paper & washi!!!! It makes me feel so special :)

Robyn Oliver said...

I have the biggest smile as so have to agree with everyone... a lovely personal touch to receive my stamps this week wrapped with their thank you note - THANK YOU Marcella - I've kept them too. I made a card with my first wrap and this gorgeous one will appear on some more cards. Just to add hope much I love your stamps too, cheers from Australia

Meghan Shea said...

I love the personalized handwritten touch that comes with every order. I totally have a true confession - I have a new craft room and I have hung decorative gold chain horizontally on the largest wall. Then when I get a card in the mail, or random photos, or Marcella's 'thank you Meghan' love notes - I hang them on the wall! I just moved so just started keeping them the past few months but I do in fact have 3 of them up on display!!! I'm such a dork, I know. The little things though often mean the most!

Loved all the good vibes! Hugs from CT!
IG: MeghanShea3377

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, what a fun post, Julie, and I LOVE how Marcy personalizes each order...I cherish each tag! What fun to meet and see Miss Katie color! Ooh, I think we'd have to have a lot of hugs first!! Loved the Bloomies' cards and all the rest! Thanks and hugs! (Just trying to catch up after the Irma!)