Thursday, October 5, 2017

You've been asking for it... Poinsettia now in DIGITAL

Here we are, all married and official: Lulu, Finn, Marcy, Sylvia, Doug, and Clara | Photo by Lisa Fioretti

Hello my dear friends!!

We have soooooo much to catch up on — and I can’t wait to do just that. Truly, I have been humbled by all of the loving notes of congratulations for my wedding to Doug (as the kids said at the ceremony, “FINALLY!”). Thank you so much for your thoughtful notes, my sweet Peeps. I’m still reeling from the outpouring of love and the beautiful wishes — and some of you even sent me a card! And can you BELIEVE the blog hop that the Bloomies and Instant Gardeners put on — just for us? My heart was about to explode (in the good way). Feelings of gratitude are swirling around me 24/7, and I just want to say thank you, all. I continue to know that I don’t deserve all this extra love, but it sure does feel good to have it rain down on us. Big squishy hugs from Doug, me, and our four children wrapping around all of you! xoxoxo

Today I have some splashy news. An illustration that has been one of our most popular ever ever everrrrrr — Poinsettia — is finally available as a digital stamp set. Say what?! The one I’ve been asking about for three years, you say? OH YEAH!! It’s here and it’s as timelessly beautiful as ever, I’m pleased to report. Introducing... Poinsettia and Pomegranates.

With undulating leaves (did you know that the colorful “petals” of the Poinsettia plants are actually leaves? The flowers are the tiny bud-looking things in the center. The more you know, I tell ya!) — surrounded by a swirl of pine needles and the most fun part of this drawing to my mind... sprays of baby pomegranates on the vine.

This Poinsettia and Pomegranates image is identical to the one you’ll find in the Poinsettia clear stamp set — only with this set, you can BLOW IT UP, flip it, flop it, and do whatever you want to it, because it’s a digital jpg file that you can manipulate on the computer. AND you get two brand new sentiments to choose from. What’s not to love?

Let’s go in depth to see what some of our talented Instant Gardeners have dreamed up for today’s big release. These ladies take our images and finesse them into the most beautifully done creations — they take my breath away each and every time! Get inspired and then get this new digital set for yourself...

And friends... I know you’re starting to see Christmas stamps pop up in online shops .... but here at Power Poppy, we’re preparing for a Harvest + Holiday release that you’ll want to save a little space for on your craft table. I promise it’s going to be a GOOD ONE!!! 

• Sparkling, fun-to-color winter florals
• Sweetest Santa Claus
• Cool Snowman for snow-kissed smiles
• Cozy and colorful vignettes
• Holiday village reminiscent of ’40s dimestore offerings
PLUS a few unique Fall sets that will carry you through ’til the snow starts (Unless you are up near our Allison Cope in Alberta, Canada, where they just had a giant snowfall this week!).

Back to the drawing table.... I’m almost finished!! teehee!


  1. So excited about the new release! Can't wait!

    1. Oh, Lee Ann, I love to hear that!! It should be worth the wait, I'm putting all the little finishing touches here and there ... hehe!!

  2. Oh, sweet Marcy, what a DARLING photo of you all! Y'all melt my heart...all that love...FINALLY! Haha! Kids are so adorable! I'm so eager to see the new release, and I KNOW it will be fantabulous!!! Hugs! xoxo

  3. Yay! I've been waiting for this digital stamp! Thank you Marcella!! Oh and I can't wait to see the new release! I'm sure it's going to be so beautiful!

    1. Oh and I forgot to tell you that pic is adorable!! You all look so so happy! Wishing you all only the best!

  4. Lovely photo Marcy! It is so nice to have photos like that with everyone all dressed up for the wedding. I am so excited to see that poinsettia. I myself have been thinking a couple of times lately.....I wish that poinsettia was bigger. Now I can do that. So thank you!! And I can't wait to see all the new things coming. Hope you have a lovely day and kiss Mr. Tibbs for me.

  5. I'm so excited for the new digi and cannot wait for the new release!!

  6. What a gorgeous image. And to think there is more coming. You are an amazing artist. P.S. That is one happy photograph of a totally cool family!

  7. This is beautiful. Please make The Tiger Lily into a digital as well. Congrats on your wedding.

  8. Oh this is so beautiful. Can't wait to see all the new releases

  9. I'm back from visiting the blogs participants and all I saw was great cards !!

  10. First visit to your blog. Excited to see all the offerings!!


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