Friday, January 31, 2020

Bloomie Friday!

Hi all and happy Friday! I am just popping on here real quick to alert you to some yummy card making samples that are perfect to kick start your weekend of creating! Our fearless leader is off having some fun in the sun. See?

So, while you sit there just a wee bit jealous of her beach time and the fact that she's catching some much-needed vitamin D, let me share these lovely ladies with all of you!

Be sure to stop on over and catch a little bit of their creativity! I know if you hop, skip and jump their way,  you won't be sad you did!

Julie Koerber
Stacy Morgan
Gloria Stengel is making a guest appearance with a fab Valentine that you'll love!
Catherine Anderson has a jaw-dropping card you need to check out!

Have a beautiful and creative weekend!


Henriƫtte said...

Thanks for your lovely post Julie.
I hope Marcella enjoys the sun and beach, great to recharge and start the year fresh.
Have a wonderful weekend and "see" you next time.

Maria A Rodriguez said...

A wee bit jealous??? I'm a WHOLE LOT OF JEALOUS!!!!!! but I'm happy for you Marcy, enjoy, get a tan, catch a nap with the sound of the waves gently caressing the sand, you work hard and you so totally deserve some sun kissed time off.
Sending hugs!!