Monday, January 27, 2020

Inspire Me Monday Rewind!

Hi all and happy Monday to each and every one of you! I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods. Here, under the big sky of Montana, it's rainy but I decided I would make sure the sun was shining in my heart. So, there you go!

Maybe I am feeling a little schmoopy because Valentine's Day is right around the corner. In light of this day of love, we decided to cue up some of our favorite tutorials that put this holiday in the spotlight. All are a little different and ALL inspire! So, let's get to it!

1. Box Up Some Love! 

This first one is a sweet little tutorial to create in a flash to deliver up a few little goodies. The good news is that you can make this box as big or small as you like depending on the size of strips of paper that you use. Click HERE for the tutorial!

2.  Accessorize with a Little Love! 

Have a teen or tween who loves their phone as much as you? Hehe! Well, show them you love them by giving this little tutorial by Ally Cope a go for a personalized cell phone look! When they tweet, snap or post, they will have to look at all the love you created just for them! Click HERE for the tutorial!

3. Wow Them with Vellum!

Take a ride with Christine Okken as she leads a whirlwind tour on all the ways you can use vellum on your cards or creations. This tutorial isn't specifically geared toward Valentine's Day but she has more than a couple samples of creations that would definitely fit the bill for a card for your love! Click HERE to see what she whipped up!

4. English Rose Remix! 

Have you ever looked at a digital stamp and thought, "I like it but I'd like it more if that leaf didn't do that or that sentiment wasn't on it?" Well, I surely have. Thank goodness for editing software that lets us take our digital stamps to a different level. Click over to THIS tutorial to see how I took the digital stamp La Vie En Rose and made it my own with this creation above!

So, no matter what approach you want to take, we kind of have it covered with this round up of tutorials above! We have a box, an altered gift, a little splash of vellum or a digital remix! We hope you click on over to give at least one of them a try! If you do, be sure to share a link in the comments section so we can all see!

Have a happy week full of LOVE! 


Karen W said...

This is gorgeous, it looks like antique wallpaper. Beautifully done!

Henriëtte said...

Gorgeous, every piece you showed. My favorite is the one you made Julie, I love the awesome coloured rose and the beautiful card you made with it.
Thank you so much for this great inspiring post and I hope your week will also be filled with love.