Friday, May 1, 2020

It’s May Day!

Hello everybody! Do you do anything special for May Day? When my kids were little, I would lead them around the garden to collect tiny bouquets to take to their teachers. Columbine, geraniums, daffodils, lily-of-the-valley, whatever was blooming at the time. It remains a special memory to me. Today there is so much more blooming in my garden, as I have been giving it so much more attention lately. I’m hoping that the little neighbor children will come by to make May Day baskets to leave on a neighbors' door. (We shall practice social distancing!) Do you think I can convince my teenagers to get out of bed and do something special like this?

Also, this week, April 29, would have been my mother Susan’s 76th birthday. She passed away in February, 2016. I put out a little note on Facebook, but thought I’d share the same here, as the message is universal:

Let’s all go out (I mean, STAY IN!!) and be a little more like Susan H. Smith today. Actions might include: telling your people that you love them, sharing effusive compliments and uplifting words, doing something thoughtful for someone special or for a complete stranger, doing something fun and fulfilling for YOURSELF, working the New York Times crossword, going to Andy’s Frozen Custard for a raspberry-pecan concrete with hot fudge jackhammer. I’m going to take on ALL OF THESE. 
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Broadcasting live from THE POWERHOUSE: This week’s flower-filled creations to lift all of our spirits and inspire your creations as you head into the weekend...

Catherine Anderson | Wash Your Hands digital

Nancy Sheads | In Praise of Sunflowers + M-Powering Words

Jenny Colacicco | Floribunda

Allison Cope | Strong and Beautiful

Broni Holcombe | Saucer Magnolia digital

Lisa Johansen | Fly Guy digital

Christine Okken | Perfect Poppies digital

Stacy Morgan | Winter Flora digital

AND: Did you see Barbara Campbell’s “Keep Your Distance” card featured in our April Creative Confetti Challenge? So clever!

AND: Did you see Jessie Banks’ loose watercolor in this week’s Inspire Me Monday? Dreamy doesn’t begin to cover it.

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What a round-up of sheer beauty and creativity! Do you feel powered up? I know I do. Thank you, Powerhouse!

Be well, friends. XOXO


Maria Rodriguez. said...

Dear Marcella: Happy May Day, my dear, the neighbor's kids sure are lucky to live so close to you and your magnificent garden.
The picture of you and your mother is so beautiful, what a lovely pair you make.
During these stressful times, keeping busy is the key to making social distancing bearable, when I sit and color your images, I get a feeling of peace and joy, contentment and freedom, so thank you for sharing your amazing talent, for being so generous and for continually inspiring us through your art.
God Bless you, stay healthy and safe.
Maria Rodriguez.

Henriëtte said...

Again a lovely post Marcella and what a awesome garden.
I hope the neighbore kids are comming around to celebrate May Day with you. I never heard about celebrating May Day.
The photo of you and your mother is so gorgeous and the little note you wrote is one from your heart right in to mine, so beautiful.
Thank you so much for sharing, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

Cynthia said...

I have fond memories of leaving flowers on the porch for my Mom on May Day. I don't hear mention of it anymore. Your mother was a beautiful lady! Thanks to the DT for the fabulous inspiration. It's comforting during this time of "stay at home"!