Wednesday, July 2, 2014

America the Berry-ful

File this project in the: “I didn’t think of it, but I’m glad somebody did!” department. This idea has been all over Pinterest. Surely you’ve heard of strawberries dipped in chocolate. But have you ever thought of dipping strawberries in WHITE chocolate, and then in bright blue sprinkles or sanding sugar? It is so super easy, and it turns out soooo super cute and patriotic! We absolutely had to give it a go.

Last July 4th, my kids, Lulu and Finn, and my boyfriend’s daughters, Sylvia and Clara, took a break after our local Independence Day parade to make a big ol’ batch of berries.

We’re fixin’ to do it again this year, and looking back at these photos is totally getting us in the spirit! Maybe you can try it with your littles this year. I can pretty much promise there won’t be any leftovers. We set up our strawberry assembly line out on the front porch, because it can be a messy affair. But, ohhh, what fun!

Helpful hint: You might find blue sprinkles at larger grocery stores if you don’t try to buy them on the actual 4th of July (they’ll already be sold out, duh!—I found this out the hard way). I sent my man Doug to a specialty cake-and-cookie-decorating shop and he came home with a container of blue sanding sugar in bulk—seriously I think we could have made enough Patriotic Strawberries for the settlers in the first 13 colonies. However, that massive quantity cost way less than the single bottles of “name brand” sprinkles you can buy at the grocery. YAY!

Hope you’ll pop by the Power Poppy Blog on July 4th. It’s our Power Peep of the Week Challenge and we have a very special somethin-somethin’ that we’d love for you to be a part of! PLUS - it might have something to do with honoring the USA... you should come by!

See you back here soon... off to buy strawberries!


CherylQuilts said...

Oh, my what fun! I want to join in this year! I'd love to! I just love making chocolate-covered strawberries, and doing them in white chocolate with blue sprinkles is genius! How cute, and they must have had a blast! And they are all so cutely dressed! Happy Fourth!! Hugs!

Jennie Black said...

what a surprise to see my card here this morning.... thank you.

D- said...

This looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.
Crafty hugs,