Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stacks are Fun!

When I look around the room, I see stacks. Stacks and piles and heaps. The stacks are typically composed of cute things like teacups and dishes, books with interesting spines, pieces of nature, and spools of ribbon. Actually, I find most of my stacks decorative and quite fun to look at. If I may quote one of my mentors:

“I like to have everything out where I can see it.”
Mary Engelbreit

When it’s time to dust, my stacks, piles, and heaps are not nearly as fun. They are kind of a pain. Here’s a small corner of our dining room hutch to help illustrate the point. (I had to blur the picture a little bit so you can’t make out the dust as easily. Thanks, Photoshop!)

So, one of the convenient things about being an artist is that you can design stacks of cute decorative objects and they do not have to be dusted. Not ever! Want to see an example of this fantastic concept? For Day 3 of our release preview, herrrrrre’s Short Stacks!

I hereby hypothesize that you will find many, many, many uses for Short Stacks. It’s got birthday sentiments, words to give a friendly hello, and some straight-out words to live by (“But First, Coffee.”). And then three stacked-up images that are a hoot to color!

Want to see how much of a hoot? Look what a good time the Bloom Brigade is having with this set — everyone is in on the act. ROLL CALL:

I would just love to see you back here tomorrow, as we have a very cool set to share with you — one that reflects my inner scribbler, inner renegade, and the inner voice that told me to try something a bit different.



CherylQuilts said...

Oh, what an adorable image!! And, yes, I love to decorate with stacks and almost "clutter" collections on shelves (and would definitely need to "blur" my photos for the dust! LOL! I love the beautiful photos of your lovely collection! And this may be one of my favorite sets!!! Can't wait to visit the blogs!! Hugs!

Lorna said...

The Short Stacks stamp is really cute. I would love to have all of your stamp collections available as digis. I am retired now and cannot afford as many physical stamps and I like that I can have them all organized on my computer where I can find them easily. I have so many stamps that I cannot find something that I just know that I have, but where.

Lorna said...

Thanks Marcella.

Becky said...

I love this image Marcella. It is just adorable.

Karen W said...

As always the stamps, DT creations are amazing!! Can't wait to get my hands on these.