Friday, October 16, 2015

Holiday 2015 Collection: Olive & Oak ... Expanded!

Hello friends! Today’s sneak peek is a set you’ve already had a peek at. Some of you might even have the main image as a digital stamp. When we introduced Olive and Oak set a digi in September, we were absolutely blown away at the positive response. (Not to mention slack-jawed at the GEE-OR-GEE-OUS creations made by both the Instant Gardeners and the Bloom Brigade design teams!!) I immediately received inquiries about this one coming out in clear polymer.... so after adding extra clusters of acorns and olives, and some versatile fall sentiments of thanks and giving, I’m happy to say that Olive and Oak Expanded has arrived!

So, Olive and Oak is a part of our Holiday collection... because quite frankly, I think this set can be used for celebrations throughout the year, whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas (add gold, silver, or bronze accents or stamp in a single color!), or heralding a birthday in June. The main idea behind the set is the intertwining of the Olive branches and the Oak leaves — for a combined message of PEACE and STRENGTH — which I believe I may have mentioned when we launched the digital version, we can all use now and then. :)

I thought I’d share a few images from my sketchbook before I introduce the Bloom Brigade’s beautiful cards using this set, as you guys seemed to get a kick out of it the other day when I shared my pencil-sketched Botanical Tree. I so appreciated reading all of your kind messages about seeing my process! Thank you to everyone who took a moment to share their thoughts.

When starting out with my illustrations, one of the big considerations is orientation and composition. I may know in my head that I want to do something with Olive branches and Oak leaves (and don’t forget the cute lil acorns!), but how to go about it? Is a bouquet of leaves the right direction? What about a few wisps wafting across the page? Maybe a tight boutonniere arrangement? I spend a little while sketching through the various concepts in pencil in my sketchbook until I get the feel for the various components. For this image, for a time, I messed around with adding Rosehips to the bouquet for a little sweetness... but then decided to leave them out (you’ll see they appear in a more stylized manner in the Botanical Tree arabesque!).

I think about how the stamper may want to use the image. Is there a fun little spot where a sentiment can be tucked? Should it be loose and open or packed tight with excitement? Would horizontal or vertical work better for this image? I think about these things and about 100 other random details. Ever wonder why I’m always talking about mindfulness and taking breaks outside to relax? My mind is usually going on overdrive. :)

Speaking of all of these little details... I’m quite certain that our design teams consider many of these questions and more when determining how to go about a card design. When you add color, that is a whole new ballgame!! And pattern, too? And ribbon, sequins, sparkle? Forget about it. It’s just too cool. Have I told you all lately how much I admire the talents that you have for creating the awesome cards and creations that you do?

Endlessly wowed.

PLEASE join me in skipping over to see what these two dears have created for today’s clear stamp peek at Olive and Oak Expanded:

There will be even more designer card samples to see on our Blog Hop on Sunday, so you’ll have loads of ideas to get you going! And if you just can’t wait, I want to remind you of what was created with the digital version of this set just within the last month... tiptoe over to see:

and... another card by these fab chicks:

Is that enough inspiration for ya? We aim to please!! This set will be available in the shop on Sunday, October 18th, along with the entire collection. But wait... TOMORROW we have one more new set to spring on you... and it’s a CUTE ONE!!

Have a wonderful day, and for those of us needing a little extra peace and strength, I hope you find some today.


CherylQuilts said...

Marcy, I truly can hardly wait to read your posts for each release set. I am so delighted to see what inspires you and how you think, and what a tickle to see your sketch book...oh how amazing you are with that pencil! I thank God for your artistry and your heart, dear friend, and am so blessed by you. Just saw the two new cards, and wow! I love them both and am eager to see everything else in the set. Can hardly wait until tomorrow for the last new set...and then Sunday's grand finale! Hugs!

Barb said...

Oh how I love this post! It's loaded with all kinds of goodness. Not only about this gorgeous stamp set, but also about your creative process. I'm always curious about the story behind the art. LOVED getting a glimpse into your sketch book regarding Olive and Oak. This really is a beautiful illustration that can be used year round. I'm thinking Father's Day or masculine birthday. Could be used for a cancer survivor card, as well...peace and strength. I'm excited to add this one to my collection! Now off I go to see what the DT has to share. Thanks for being YOU!


Berina RGA said...

Thanks for sharing your sketchbook. I do enjoy reading about how you came at your design. And it's an inspiration for me. This is a beautiful image. Love the acorns! And as you said, this is a versatile set, can be used for so many occasions and seasons!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!!
Moxie Craftie said...

so interesting to see how you develop your ideas

Cheryl O said...

So cool seeing the inspiration behind the stamp sets!! Thank you.... :)

Crafting With Jack said...

Fabulous range of stamps, I do my designs in a similar way.

Hurghada Reisen said...

Thanks Good job