Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Digi: Get Wool Soon

Hello my friends! On the 15th of each month, we introduce brand new digital stamp sets for the Instant Garden Collection. Today, though, we have a remixed introduction. I am holding on to the all-new morsel to share with you on November 25th, which will coincide with our Black Friday sale. I think you can bet that there will be fresh artwork to color — and a deal to boot!

So today, I’m sharing one of my favorite drawings, remixed with all new sentiments, and available today to purchase, download, and color. I hope you’ll find strikes a cozy chord... not unlike this scene:

Are you feeling me? It is time for afghans! It is time for coffee and afghans! It is time for fireplaces, coffee and afghans. And what goes really, really well with fireplaces, coffee, and afghans? Well, for me, the answer is something fulfilling to DO that you can work on right in your lap. Like, you know, with art supplies. Wouldn’t you like do do some coloring?

My newest digital stamp set is called Get Wool Soon, and it is a cozy vignette that’s all about the comforts of knitting, crocheting, and making things with yarn. I got out my old tubes of gouache for this one, and I noticed that some of them are ones I bought in the 1990s, and they are still going, offering me precious pigment. Others have dried up, but you can still carve out some color if you peel the packaging apart. My packrat ways can cause me major headaches (too much stuff everywhere, no room for new stuff!) but other times they delight me, like when I find an old tube of Winsor & Newton Orange Lake, which takes me straight back to being a kid in my mom’s upstairs art studio, painting next to her as she painted her dough ornaments.


This new yarn-centric digi would be fun done up in a myriad of colorways — use your imagination and just go for it! I would like to paint up a few to coordinate with my treasured handknit afghans given to me by my Grandma Bonnie and Granny Jean. And oh, I especially hope to devote a Get Wool Soon digi coloring session to the afghan shown above, which is currently on my lap — a true work of art knitted by my Aunt Joan. Joanie is one of the most talented yarnmasters I know of, such an ARTIST in her approach to all things knit, and at one time she had her own yarn shop in Edmond, Oklahoma. Joanie is Australian, and is one of the most fashionable, stylish, gracious, and highly adorable people in this whole world!

Admire with me this afghan, knit by Joanie knit for me many years ago, knowing that I love all things botanical. It is so highly detailed, using many different fancy woolen yards and threads, and features irises, poppies, and wildflowers — even a hummingbird! I cozy up with this beauty whenever possible, it surrounds me with inspiration, warmth, and most importantly, the feeling of LOVE.

Just look at the beautiful variations in the yarns and the stitches!

Whew!! Is that not a work of art? It is so special, just like the lady who made it. Our knitting digi could be perfect to make into a card for the knitter in your life, wouldn’t it?

To help us usher Get Wool Soon on the scene, come see the supersweet card Nancy Sheads of Rowhouse Greetings has made with this little vignette and a few of the swirly sentiments.

Thank you for stopping by, my dears! Enjoy your day, and I do hope you’ll take a moment to scroll through the blog and be sure to see this week’s Inspire Me Monday post — you can win a bursting goodie bag from Kathy Racoosin at the Daily Marker just for commenting, but you’ll also learn some fun tips for “coloring on the go”. And stay tuned for another new introduction coming next Friday...


  1. this is gorgeous! Two of our daughters knit and one is a weaver! They will love this!

  2. I hear you on the packrat ways of all your supplies. I get rid of nothing. And I don't regret it a bit. Ha! Sweet little new digi. I wish I knew someone who knits or crochet's. It is such a lovely craft.

  3. That afghan is gorgeous!! Nancy has done a wonderful job coloring the beautiful digi!

  4. That afghan is a work of ART, as is this glorious stamp set....it almost makes me want the snowy, sleety and slushy cold days of January....'almost' lol Another beauty in a long line of beauties!

  5. What a beautiful stamp. I love your digital stamps, have purchased and used them on my cards..

  6. What a warm and comforting post, from your days as a kid in your mom's art studio to the present day with you creating another gorgeous digi stamp. Love reading your stories and enjoying your beautiful art. P.S. That afghan is indeed very special.

  7. The afghan is gorgeous, Marcella! What a wonderful and treasured gift from your Aunt Joan. And, You colored the stamp set so beautifully, too. I love the lines you painted along the outside of the image. It just makes the whole image so realistic!

  8. Oh, Marcy, what an exquisite afghan your aunt designed and made you! Wow, it's a treasure, and I absolutely love all the fine details. I have quilted, sewn, embroidered, cross-stitched, crocheted, and knit...among lots of other crafts and needlework. But I think I have always much appreciated fine knit work. So I really love this sweet digi and know it will make many wonderful cards to share with family and friends who love these arts. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and for coloring this digi. What a joy it is to see you work...wow! And it's a walk down memory lane when you pull out older supplies that flood the mind with sweet thoughts. Beautiful, sweet friend...and sending hugs! xoxo

  9. Oh Marcella, what a gorgeous afghan, looks cozy, warm, gorgeous to have on your lap or be wrapped by it's amazing warmth. My sweet maternal grandma taught me how to knit and crochet and, when my grandchildren were born, I knitted or crochet a warm and big blanket for each of them, plus mittens and booties and scarfs. All 5 of my grandchildren have their blankets with them in their bed or grab it and wrap themselves with it when watching tv., for me that is just such a sweet feeling.
    I'm so happy you are bringing back those amazing images you created years ago, I have this image on a photopolymer set and I adore it, and it's awesome you are remixing them for all the new stampers who didn't have the opportunity to enjoy your gorgeous images from years ago.
    Thank you for always sharing a beautiful story and pictures of things you hold dear.
    Big Warm Hugs to you, sweetie.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  10. There is noting better to warm you up than a cozy afgan. When it was specially made with love by someone that you care for, it is so much more than that. This afghan is so precious and made with so much talent and love to last for ages. I have one from my aunt who is now long long, but her work keeps my warm and so does the thought of her that made it special to me. Ah Memories!

  11. It is truly a work of art and I love how much you appreciate that it is. So many people don't understand the work and love that goes into making something like this. And what a great digital set. I crochet...a lot :) and would love to have something like this but with crochet hooks instead of the knitting needles. How fun it would be to add a handmade cards to my handmade crochet gifts.

  12. My mom and my youngest sister both knit. My youngest sister also crochets and makes jewelry. I rubber stamp on fabric and make cards. I do embroidery, color, and also make jewelry. My mom & my sister would love this! In fact, the yarn that you colored reminds me of some that my mom has. I may have to get this for them!


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