Friday, January 27, 2017

Creativation Wrap Up & MORE

HELLO ALL and happy Friday to you! Goodness, what a whirlwind week it's been here at Power Poppy Headquarters. If you read last week’s post, you know Marcella and I were bound for Phoenix to take in Creativation 2017 (formerly CHA)!

Goodness, it was a lot to take in! Imagine all the different elements within the crafting and creative  industry ... under one roof! It was four days of taking it all in and dreaming about the possibilities. Marcella, of course in all of her creative wonder, had to make sure we displayed just the right Power Poppy vibe. Can you believe she hand-painted these totes just for us to be prepared to walk the massive Creativation floor? Good Vibe Tribe represent!

And, we were in GREAT company the whole weekend long! Do these ladies look familiar??? What an amazing treat to hang out with fellow Bloomies Tosha Leyendekker and Cindy Lawrence... EVERY DAY! Love!!! We got to spend time with a few of our fabulous Instant Gardeners. Debbie Olson, Rhea Weigand, AND Jennifer Dove! Bounced ideas off talented folks and talked upcoming collaborations... let’s just say that this was a four-day inspiration fest!

L to R: Marcella Hawley, Tosha Leyendekker, Cindy Lawrence, Julie Koerber

If you want to see some of the sights from this amazing blast of colorful creativity, check out Instagram's feed for Creativation 2017 HERE! Wowza.  SO. Much. FUN! I know for a fact Marce was inspired and wait until you see what this next year holds for Power Poppy. I guarantee, it will be an exciting one for all!

Moving right along... After coming back home, it was a blast to see what you creative peeps have been up to! So, let's get to it!

When surfing, our eyes stopped on this gilded beauty from Emily White (@tessnowhite on Instagram) who crafted it for her dad. First of all, how heartwarming! And second, what a splendid watercolor and gold embossed display of Power Poppy's Olive and Oak Expanded stamp set. If you spend some time in Emily’s Instagram feed, you can see that she loves to emboss and color, and she comes up with magical combinations. Thank you for sharing the beauty, Emily!

Nancy Sturtz wowed me with her clean and classy design sprinkled with pearls and tied up in twine! How fun to see TWO of the large sunflowers together, created with masking. Love the two-tone effect of her coloring, stamped with Power Poppy's In Praise of Sunflowers stamp set.

Be still my heart! That's what I thought when I first set my sights on this totally adorable creation by Christina Hor using Power Poppy's Move the Soul stamp set! A motorcycle kicking up a little heart-shaped love? Check out how the hearts get smaller as they go back in to space... Oh my! Creative and cute at the same time.

And last but certainly not least, Linda Paider wanted to show us a bit of life-influencing art! This burgundy orchid was one her family got as a gift and as you can see, it inspired a watercolored version in a step out card! How delightful! Just in case you wondered, Linda used Power Poppy's Orchid Dreams digital stamp set.

One quick reminder! You only have a few days left -- 5 to be exact -- to play along in this month's Winter Blooms Power & Spark Challenge! So check out the deets HERE and then get those fingers inky and play along for your chance to win a stamp set of YOUR choice in the Power Poppy Shop!

And now it's time to turn things over to the fabulous, beautiful, talented Bloomies to see what they've been up to this week!

And be sure to tune back in on Monday when Kathy Racoosin helps host Inspire Me Monday -- just in time to kick off your creative week! Just a side note. We met her at Creativation too -- what an amazing woman! Wait until you read up (soonish) on one of her creative endeavors that is impacting women in need! Stay tuned for that!

Thanks for stopping by and spending a little bit of your day with us! See you back here soon!


Berina RGA said...

Glad to hear that you all had so much fun at Creativation!! It's always nice to meet people you adore, in person.Beautiful cards being featured! Congratulations ladies!

CherylQuilts said...

Wow, what fun you all must have had! I know you and Marcy must have scoured the entire convention center seeking out all sorts of inspiration, and I LOVE those beautiful bags! Congratulations to the wonderful gals who were featured today, and I loved Stacy's and Tosh's cards! Hugs, all! xoxo

Leslie Miller said...

Those totes are awesome and you all look so CUTE together! What a happy tribe! Your featured finds today are inspiring. Love me some Power Poppy!

Patti Willey said...

Oh you've got me so excited about all of your excitement! I'm so glad you could get together at CHA and refresh yourselves with Good Vibes! Love the totes Marcy illustrated Hello! We need stuff like this in the shop! Yes? Now, was thrilled to see Emily's card she made for her Dad, squealed with joy at her color pallet! Rich! I'm sure he loved it! I'll just have to start masking my Sunflowers, Nancy what a great idea! So much love going around. So much love!

Jean said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the photos and inspiratioN!

Judy Sander said...

You all are just awesome ladies in the biz! Very classy beautiful art and designs. Glad you all had such fun and inspiration at CHA. I just enjoy hearing about it from everyone.

Donna Phelan said...

What FUN you must have had, all of you! Beautiful creations! You have the most talented followers for sure!!!

Emily White said...

Thank you so very much for sharing my card! I am incredibly honored and deeply grateful! I sincerely appreciate all the lovely,kind and creative folks in this crafting and artistic world!!