Friday, March 17, 2017

Green is on the scene!

Good day to you, fine folks! Happy St. Patrick’s Day - and I’ve got a healthy pinch for anyone not wearing green. Or even if you are, maybe a pinch might give you a little extra oomph today. It’s Marcella here today taking the Friday slot, and DJ Jazzy Jules will be back next week to share the visual bounty of our peeps and our Bloom Brigade.

Not gonna lie, I’m kinda zapped after the last few weeks! Sharing peeks at all of the goodies from our Spring Fling collection, ogling dozens of cards by the AMAZING Bloomies (standing O for those creative women who share SO much inspiration!), and then packing up orders as fast as we humanly can — gonna need a nap soon. Maybe I’ll sleep in the car on our little weekend outing wth the kids. Although I can almost guarantee that there is going to be some HAMILTON soundtrack blaring much of the time, and a lot of singing and harmonizing. (LafayETTE!) We’re a bit late to the party with the Hamilton craze, but now 2/3 of the family is obsessed. The other 1/3 will be supplied ear plugs for the drive. (I am NOT throwing away my shot!)

Another thing that’s injecting me with zing as I pack up your orders today... it’s as if I’ve sniffed a bar of Irish Spring soap... looking through the springy green-tinged cards you are entering in our Power and Spark Let’s Go Green Challenge, hosted by Katie Sims. What a refreshing palette, and folks are really thinking outside the box from what I’ve spied so far. Keep ’em coming, we still have nearly two weeks — and if you revisit the link below, seeing what has been entered so far is enough to get you to want to go green.

I’m going to share just a FEW of these, but my goodness, they are ALL so clever and creative. I feel that the cards entered here at Power Poppy really UP the cardmaking game. I am so proud of everyone!! Let’s see some of the fun...

Jeannean blew my mind with her super-blown-up dahlia card using our Well, Hello Dahlia digital stamp. I first saw her card on Instagram (follow her @jeanneanmarshall) and didn’t even recognize the flower as my own illustration. She just enhanced it to epic proportions! And HOW CHIC to see the entire image rendered in shades of green. High five, Jeannean.

Now, here is a card that gives me goosebumps. Julie Gearinger’s expression of beauty and thoughtfulness for someone in need of prayers really elevates this botanical digi to fine art. Julie backlit the crocus, pussy willow, and snowdrop combination in Winter Pick-Me-Up with fresh washes of green and yellow, and by leaving the flowers white, succeeds in creating a card that is both calming AND uplifting. Think of other images that would work with this technique, and I encourage you to try it at home.

Ok, I fell hard for this little parakeet perched on teetering teacups by Judy Woodland. Look at that shading!! The various green and turquoise hues work SO well together! And she’s placed her sentiment (these images are from the Short Stacks clear stamp set) in the ideal spot — perfectly framed by those wonderful decorative strips of paper. ANNNND I love that the patterns play up the patterns in the teacups! Tiny white polka dots just MAKE this card. Judy Judy Judy, this is so very precious. 

Can we be real for a second? When I see a card that captures the spirit of my vision for a stamp — the concept I have for it in my head as I’m developing an idea — I feel my adrenaline surge. I think to myself: YESSSSS!!! I probably also say it out loud, because I’m excitable like that. Gail (@ionabunny)’s card featuring our Action Santa clear stamp had me so giddy, I actually made Doug come in to my office and look at it with me. This is just brilliant. The retro vibe of this stamp is perfectly showcased with these “flat” colors — by flat I mean, not shaded. The choices of lime green and light teal are fresh and fun, but still have the old-school look when paired together. Gail’s white cut-outs that suggest Santa’s zoooooooming trajectory are extremely clever. This card made my day.

See? Looking at your cards and coloring of my stamps is like fuel for my soul. And I can’t get enough, so I hope you all will keep sharing with us. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #powerpoppy when you’re posting on Facebook or Instagram. And everyone with a smart phone or tablet needs to get on Instagram. Cardmaking is like an inspiring wonderland over there — it’s so easy to share your cards, take process shots, and find your tribe! Follow me there @marcellahawley and @powerpoppy!

One last card to share today.... because we’re gonna close with a botanical bang!

Maggie (follow @rahzicrafts on Instagram) shared this card with my Hellebores digital stamp earlier this week. Just how do you think I reacted? I mean, look at it! I commented to Maggie about how awesome it is, her coloring looks like a botanical print or something — like, total expertise happening here. She responded that she hadn’t known what a Hellebore was when she started on the card and had to Google it. There, my friends, is proof that you don’t have to know anything about flowers to make the showstopping cards. You just have to Google images that show the various colorations, and practice coloring them. Maggie, bravo! And I also appreciate her cute card photo styling. Details, people, details! 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Our Bloomies worked sooooooo hard the last several weeks, preparing for our release — and if you haven’t scrolled back through to see the beauty, I encourage you to catch up this weekend. Just such genuinely inspiring work — thinking outside the box in terms of coloring styles, composition, technique — always someone breaking new ground! Speaking of, we have two Bloomies today with cards you just have to see, both featuring one of our brand new clear stamps!

Everybody, just a reminder that we have FREE SHIPPING until Saturday night if you buy three or more clear stamps...

Thank you for sharing your time with us this week. I feel on top of the world and I wish you top o’ the morning... have a great one! A friend of mine posted this on the Facebook, and I just love it, from the poet, Yeats:


  1. Those are some AMAZING cards! What talent! TFS!

  2. OH MY GEEEEEE - thanks for showcasing my card. I am so flattered and honored, you have made my day. And I am amongst royalty with all those other amazing creations!!!

    1. YAY you! Gorgeous card, still loving that Pearl necklace! lol

  3. Beautiful cards!! Congrats on being featured, ladies!!

  4. What a week! I've never had so much fun following the Bloomies Sneak Peeks for Release Week! Between that and Instagram posts of friends like Maggie and her Hellibores has me inspired to color!

  5. I'm so honored that you would mention/feature my card on your blog. Thank you for your generous compliment. I chose this floral from your digi stamps because it was beautiful without any coloring and then when I saw what helibores actually look like, I was amazed and a little scared to attempt it but I've learned so many coloring techniques from Kathy Racoosin when it comes to flowers and it helped a great deal. The background from the card is cased from one of Kathy's cards as this card was entered in a challenge called "kathyrac style". Long comment, sorry. Thanks for making beautiful illustrations like the hellebores

  6. All the cards are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow, what an honor to be included in your card highlight post! I love all of the different cards and styles and am thrilled to be included among them. Thanks for mentioning my card and making my week brighter- hugs!!

  8. What wonderful shades of green right in time for spring and all the new life we're starting to see.

  9. Thanks so much for the shout out for the green challenge! You made my Monday!

  10. Wow, what wonderful cards featured today...amazing artistry and coloring skills! And Ally's and Stacy's card/framed artwork were wonderful! Big hugs and love! xoxo

  11. Hei, thanks so much for showcasing my green santa. I thought he looked pretty cool, but your words have blown me away. So glad I was able to do justice to this fantastic image. Am hoping you will consider some other modes of transport for santa. These are too fun for christmas. Maybe a cycle or a pogo stick. Or a giraffe. Yeah, giraffe post. Santa on a giraffe. I can see you like that one!! Thanks for putting my humble creation amongst all these other stunning makes. The flowers are so realistic and the colouring is amazing. Some very talented ladies here. Hugz


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