Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Holiday Day 2: Rustic Rejoicing

Hello there beautiful people!

Welcome to Day 2 of our 2017 Happiest Holiday previews — we are doing our best to dazzle you all week with interesting clear stamp designs and inspiring cards to get your marvelous mind reeling with ideas. Be sure to pop by the blog each day for a list of the Bloomies who are sharing cards. Today we have ALL 8 of THEM!! My wonderful Bloomies, I adore them!! Just as a little refresher of how cute and fun they are, here’s a picture from this summer when almost everybody made the trip to St. Louis for a superlovefest and inspiring field trips....

We were enjoying a gorgeous day at one of my favorite spots on Earth, the world-renowned Missouri Botanical Garden. I miss them all dearly — you simply cannot find a more loving, giving, caring, supremely delightful group of people, not to mention their off-the-charts creativity. We are SO lucky to have them!! Thank you, Bloomies. xoxoxox

So, friends, you all know how I roll. I’m all up in the nature. LOVE THAT PLANT LIFE!  Truly, my entire holiday collection could have been a series of something leafy and green with a vintage ornament dangling from it, but that might be too repetitive. :) Instead, I’ve tried to stuff little botanical tidbits into each of the sets!!

Are you ready to see what’s behind today’s holiday stamp set?

We’re hanging out in the evergreens for this set! Pines, most specifically, their branches loaded up with sweet details, like jingle bells and retro Christmas lights and.... a dove! Introducing our second sneak peek... Rustic Rejoicing.

I’ve paired up the rustic branches with a large-scale swoopy sentiment that will lay beautifully on your holiday cards, along with a few smaller ones with wishes for peace and good will. This set has classic, woodsy charm, and is easy to color up! A second large image has a peaceful dove — holding an olive branch in its beak — resting among the branches. It takes a lot of work to spread peace, this dove deserves a break to recharge near the vintage string of lights!

Like I mentioned earlier, all eight Bloom Brigade designers are with us today to share a card made using Rustic Rejoicing — come see!!!

Now, was that an awesome tour, or what?? And girrrrrrl, just you wait, tomorrow we have something that’s really special and unique (as if a dove in a tree with lights isn’t?). If you are a fan of our Short Stacks, Cozy Cupfuls, and Under Glass sets... then this one will be right up your alley! See you tomorrow, lovey doves!


  1. oooo - I just can't wait! I love your flavor of art Marcella & it is so much fun following along with all the creativity & excitement!!

  2. Wow!! This is stunning! YOu've out done yourself Marella!! The team has done such a beautiful job! Can't wait to see the full stamp set.

  3. So beautiful. I love the rustic look of those bells in the boughs. Yes...I want this one also. Sigh.

  4. Love love love!! I know I said it yesterday but is the 24th here yet? I can't wait for these awesome stamps!

  5. Another gorgeous stamp set and such fabulous creations from the DT.

  6. WOW! Marcy, I LOVE this set, and I loved ALL the Bloomies' cards! What an amazing team of warm and loving gals...and they are so talented! You (and we) are so blessed!! Hugs and love! xoxo


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