Monday, October 16, 2017

Happiest Holiday STARTS NOW! Introducing: Snow Kissed

Welcome to our fabulous first day of sneak previews of my brand new 2017 Happiest Holiday stamp collection! As an addition to our growing range of wonderfully unique Christmas stamps, we will be sharing EIGHT new stamp sets with you all week long — and everything will be ready to scoop up in the shop on Tuesday, October 24.

I hope you’ll find these stamps to be some of our most stimulating holiday designs yet. While drawing on traditional references like snowmen and Santa Claus, I strive to give you that extra Power Poppy twist! You simply will not find images like these anywhere else. 

Pretty fun stuff up there created by the amazing Bloomies, don’t ya think?!

Soooo.... today’s stamp set peek features a snowy scene and loads of Scandinavian-inspired stitched details to give your projects extra handmade panache. I am such a sucker for stitching and embroidery, so anytime I can sneak it into a drawing, I will try to do just that. From Fair Isle sweaters to cross-stitch sachets to lovingly needlepointed stockings, the combinations of pattern and design are endless. 

A little bit of the inspiration that helped me create this new stamp set, which I call Snow Kissed...

All manner of snowflakes, evergreens, hearts bursting with love ... these patterns instantly put me into the holiday mood. In this new set, I’ve given you lots of stitchy details to create unique repetitions for backgrounds or borders. 

Plus... we’ve got Power Poppy’s very first clear stamp snowman! I think you’ll have lots of fun customizing and coloring this cheery-faced little man...

I cannot wait to show you what our Bloom Brigade has whipped up to showcase Snow Kissed and get your mind turning towards making those holiday cards...

Huge thanks to the Bloom Brigade for pulling out all the stops on this release — as they do for every card they make, but this one has been under extra-intense deadlines, and I am so so soooo grateful to them for their sacrifice of time and energy! Thank you, Bloomies!!!

Yesterday we released the newest Instant Garden digital stamp set, and it’s ideal for Octoberfest cardmaking. Our Instant Gardener team truly knocked it out of the park on this one with creative and stylish cards. Be sure to check out Hops and Barley...

Lots of love to you, my awesome peeps! And be sure to come back tomorrow for the 2nd set in our new clear collection!


  1. Wow! This snowman is sooo cute!! Love it!

  2. Oh my goodness! You have outdone yourself! The sneak peeks are super duper duper duper cute!

  3. I just knew that this new release was going to be a problem. I am going to want them all, I just know it. Well, I want this one so off to a flying start! Love the wee man...he is adorable. Cannot wait to see all the needlework goodness as I simply adore doing needlework. Cheers Marcy. xo

  4. Oh my, Marcy! What an adorable snowman and stocking, and I LOVE The Nordic knit accents! This looks like a really sweet set! Guess we have to gear up for the marathon, right? Hehe! The Bloomies blew it away with their cards, and I LOVE each one!! Sweet you tomorrow! Hugs and love! xoxo

  5. Love that you gave that little guy an artichoke in a pot!! Lovely sneak peek.

  6. I'm so excited!! Love the snowman and all the Bloomie cards are fabulous!!

    Is it the 24th yet? LOL

  7. Unique & Lovely for sure!! You make every time of year so fun!!

  8. This Snowman is the cutest, I love that you do things with a bit of uniqueness in your stamps, that is so me! I don't like to do what everybody else is doing, I like to be unique, and that is why I love your stamps, blog and designers!! AWESOME! Tracey Magner

  9. As always, everything is SO gorgeous. Love your unique touches of nature with the hops and barley set, and the snowman holding that little pot - only you!

  10. This snowman has a very unique look, I love it !


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