Sunday, October 15, 2017

October's Instant Garden Introduction: Hops & Barley

Hello everybody, I hope this note finds you feeling happy and relaxed... 
because we are about to blow the lid off our Holiday stamp collection, and you are going to need to conserve your energy for OVER A WEEK of previews. This is seriously exciting stuff, let me show you more...

You got that right — we have 8 days of Christmas Clear Stamp Previews, culminating in a BIG BLOOMIE BLOG HOP for our release day, October 24. Look for a BIG SAVINGS promotion on Holiday stamps to come right along with it, so that you can stock up on supplies for making some of the prettiest cards on the planet! 

Today we have MORE fun news, especially if you are a fan of the art of brewing. Do you know what ingredients go into the fermented beverage of beer? Why, you gotta have HOPS. It’s a cute name for a very cute plant, and one that gives beer distinctive, individual flavors, depending on what variety of Hops is used! Throw in more plant-based ingredients like barley, wheat, and rice... and you get some of the spirited beverages that are enjoyed by so many. 

Source: Rodale’s Organic Life

The last several years, we’ve been noticing more and more artisan craft breweries popping up here in St. Louis, Missouri (home to the famous Anheuser-Busch Brewery, creators of Budweiser). We’re definitely a “beer town” as so many folks’ families have worked in the brewing industry over at A-B. I know that the craft beer trend is not limited to St. Louis - not by any stretch!! Just going down the spirits aisle of the grocery store will show you how wide-spread it’s getting, with colorful Ale and Stout labels in all manner of designs standing ready on the shelves. I am partial to “IPA”, the Indian Pale Ale with its bright, citrus-y flavor, and we have a few local craft

In the spirit of this beloved spirit, I’ve designed a new digital stamp set called Hops and Barley, with four libation-themed sentiments for birthdays, holidays, or any day! 

This image can be rotated a number of ways to create all manner of fun cards — and the best part, it doesn’t have to be just for beer lovers, it can just as easily be a pretty botanical of fall bounty. It’s all just about the plants here, my botany-appreciating friends.

Wait until you see what our Instant Gardener team has designed for today’s big release... beauty is brewing!

Hope you enjoy this new digital stamp set —and psssssst — this one will be coming out in clear as well, so if you are a fan of clear polymer, fear not! We can appease everyone’s tastes. 

A little peek at Elizabeth Zaffarano’s creative use of Hops & Barley...

Please do come back tomorrow for our VERY FIRST PREVIEW of the 2017 Happiest Holiday Collection.... it’s kissed with snowy sweetness, for sure! Then follow us all week long for beautiful interpretations of my EIGHT new stamps - prepare for Holiday coloring bliss!

Big hugs and Happy Sunday!


  1. This is so perfect! My son dabbles in creating his own brew and grows the hops in his garden. This will make a such a great Christmas card!!

  2. This is so pretty!! And I can't wait to see the new releases!

  3. Love this new set!! This is going to be perfect for all the beer lovers in my life!

    I am also SOOOOOO excited for the new sets! I can't wait to see the Christmas Village one, I have a thing for house stamps!

  4. Very COOL stamp, love it and love the story behind it. One of the other biggest Busch brewery's is right here in my hometown of Syracuse N.Y., they make it in the city of Baldwinsville a little city about 5 min from me, how wild, huh? Well looking forward to seeing this new release, I know it is going to be just amazing!!!!! Tracey Magner

  5. This is such a beautiful stamp !! Very unique design.


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