Friday, May 18, 2018

Creative + Curious: Day 3

Hi again!! We’re still rolling along with even more stamp sets to share with you today. Aren’t you LOVING the cards the Bloomies are posting?! Aren’t they knocking your socks off with every post? I marvel at how many creative, color-bursting ideas they come up with. Thank you, Bloomies, for ALL that you do!

So... today’s set is very different from anything I’ve ever released, and I’m really excited about it. I had the idea of creating little scenes that could be highlighted and framed by groupings of flowers. First I drew the flowery frame, and then Julie Koerber (I seriously love that lady!) suggested that instead I offer different sections of the frame as individual pieces — so everyone can make their own frames. BRILLIANT IDEA, JULES! The result: an incredibly versatile set with pieces and parts that offer you the flexibility to create small frames, large frames, background patterns, borders, and just about anything you can dream up!

Introducing Bee Kind Toile

A totally unique set, formatted on a BIG 6 x 8" canvas, with 31 images total. Yes, you heard that right! You’ll be playing for a long time with this one and still have options you’ll want to explore. My flowery frame bits were inspired by vintage transferware patterns, and are so much fun to work with. We’ll have a guide on the website  to working with the frames, a few combinations to get your wheels turning and show you what is possible!

Another fun thing about Bee Kind Toile... the flowers are complemented by all things BEE! You get all kinds of bees buzzing in different directions (which you can use with any of my floral stamps!), along with an antique bee skep, a honey-dipped bee hive cake, and masses of bee-themed sentiments. 

Save the Bees!
Sunday, May 20, is World Bee Day

World Bee Day is May 20, as declared by the United Nations. Learn more here.

We’re so amped up about the helping save the bees, we are a contributing sponsor to a wonderful blog hop that will take place on the same day as our release! Be sure to visit the To Bee or Not To Bee Blog Hop, led by Crafty Milka, on Sunday. There will be prizes (including a Power Poppy gift certificate AND a Bee Kind Toile stamp set), and loads of bee-centric cards to see! I’m surely going to buzz over during our release day to see everyone’s cards. 

But for now... I have one more stamp set to share with you today, and it is one of my favorite things I’ve ever drawn IN MY WHOLE LIFE!! hehehe! I shared my watercolor of the digital version back in February... remember Heart Abloom?

This stamp is LOADED with flowers and loaded with sentiments. Now, it’s not as large as the one above, because with digis, you can go as large as you want, so I blew that baby up to 8.5 x 11. But this stamp version is almost 4" wide, and you can showcase it as the entire front of an A2 card, or go to a 5 x 7" and have a little more wiggle room. Let’s take a peek at this one, which I’ve renamed to go with the fresh array of sentiments.... 

Introducing Always Here

A heart-shaped confection of Hellebores, Daffodils, Trout Lilies .... and BLUEBERRIES! So much fun to color, such a feeling of fulfillment when it’s all finished! Our new clear stamp set has several stylish sentiments to offer love and support, to let a friend or loved one know that you are always there for them.

It’s time to check out the clever cards the Bloom Brigade has made with these sets. GO BLOOMIES, GO!!

If you order on release day, Sunday, May 20, — we’ll have a special discount for you. See you tomorrow for peeks at THREE new Power Poppy sets. Oh yeah, baby.



  1. These are both fantastic sets!!

  2. Oh it's gardening time! YES! Save The Bees!!!

  3. Beautiful , Beautiful and Beautiful !!loved the floral frame idea and the blooming heart..took my heart away !

  4. Wow, Miss Marcy, you have absolutely blown me away! I am in love with both of these, and I love toile! It sounds like this one is chock-full of images that make a limitless number of cards that I will LOVE. And I am with you about this beautiful Always Here (Heart Abloom) set. I so love that, and I really love how the Bloomies used both of these sets. Those gals are talented...and you are amazing! Hugs and love! xoxo

  5. Wow! Love these new products! Gorgeous cards and colors!!!

  6. I want a T-shirt with that new floral stamp!!!

  7. Have mercy, you do such beautiful work and we're all so lucky you share it with us! More must haves! That bee set... sigh... Yes, the Bloomies are incredible!

  8. These new stamps are fabulous!! And 31 images in the bee set? Wow!!

  9. Gorgeous stamps, Marcella. Love them all!! Thank you for kind words and featuring To Bee or Not To Bee Blog Hop here today and all you did for the hop. Big hugs!! :o)

  10. Now you KNOW that Bee Kind Toile stamp set has me buzzin! How fun is that going to bee to play with? It has my name written alllll over it! It looks gorgeous and I can't wait to get a set of my very own. I love the Heart Abloom digi and I know it's going to be well received as a clear stamp. This is going to be an awesome release! You really worked it out, Marcy! Worked. It. Out!

  11. Oh my goodness I love both of these cards. The bee stamp set (is there going to be a die set too?) Is my favourite so far as i just love bees. My garden has huge lavender plants to get the bees big and fat and to visit our garden. We have a lot of bees here. In fact my alarm call in the morning is a massive queen (I think) bee trying to get in my bedroom window. She buzzes so loud she wakes me every morning in the spring time but i love it lol. This stamp set really has my name on it. TFS xx

  12. Oh my, Marcy, it's going to be Christmas in May!! These new stamps are just blowing m away!

  13. Ohhh they are so gorgeous and sweet! Amazing designs!


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