Saturday, May 19, 2018

Creative + Curious: Day 4 ... we're gettin’ there!!

Hello my friends! It’s Saturday morning as I write this post... the Royal Wedding is on in the background, and my eyes are all puffy from the ceremony, which was so loving, filled with song (even a gospel choir!), music, and uplifting words by Bishop Michael Curry. Did you all watch? It was so very moving, and even though I don’t particularly follow all the royal jazz, I wish that sweet couple all the blessings of marriage. The way they looked at each other through the ceremony was bringing the teardrops. Oh my gosh, and the hats!! My friend, milliner Jennifer Ouellette outfitted some of the attendees, and I heard yesterday that another friend’s cousin is the baker who created Harry and Meghan’s Lemon-Elderflower wedding cake! Kinda fun stuff and totally off topic for why I am posting today...

Well, guys, get this. We have THREE more stamps to share from the Creative + Curious collection. Have you been following along? Maybe this weekend you’ll have a little time to see the creations the Bloom Brigade has previewed this week. There have been poppies, artsy bouquets, splashy leaves, beehive cakes, and so much more to delight your stamping senses. Let’s get to it...

I’m thrilled to share that we are bringing the popular Hellebores digital stamp into clear polymer — and I’ve paired it with another springy favorite, Hyacinth in Bulb Glass.

Introducing Hellebore & Hyacinth

Isn’t it exiting?! I am kind of giddy just posting this on the blog!! Have had so many requests for this to come out in clear, and it’s finally arriving tomorrow. The best news? These stamps are large and in charge. You can really get in and color those petals when the stamps are 3.75" tall. We’ve seen so many beautiful examples of cards made with the digital versions of these images — they've been featured in wonderful coloring classes, and folks have really embraced them, which makes me feel good! Cool and interesting plants deserve to be celebrated!!

Hellebores are as popular as all get out in the gardening world right now — for good reason! They are exceptionally special as garden plants, they come in the most curious and subtle of shades, petals are often adorned with spots and dots that dazzle, a beauty defying comprehension. In the coloring realm, they bring your cards to a whole new level of cool.

Peep our Hellebores Pinterest board for inspiration that is off the charts!

I’d like to thank Kit & Clowder’s wonderfully talented and delightful Alyce Keegan for featuring my Hellebores in a recent monthly coloring class — she is succeeding in helping SO MANY PEOPLE amp up their coloring skills, and it’s so exciting to watch everyone get better at doing something they love. Yay, Alyce, you are a doll!

And let’s not forget the beautiful Hyacinth in this new clear stamp set. Why, even today there is a class launching by Amy Shulke of Vanilla Arts, coloring up this very image! Now you’ll be able to grab the clear stamp OR the digital download, take Amy's class in coloring lightweight florals, and be rocking and rolling.

OK — so that’s only the FIRST STAMP OF THE DAY! There are two more, my good people. Can you believe? 

OMG, I stamped again!! I am starting to get the hang of it, and that MISTI is such a blessing. :) 
I feel strongly that it is important crucial to feed our souls with positive, encouraging words. I fill up Post-It notes with phrases I see and hear, and gotta say, they are the mental reminders that can keep you calm, centered, and encouraged. They lift you up, they make you feel good about yourself! At least positive words have done that for me, and I know that they can do the same for you, plus the friends and family that you share them with.

Introducing M-Powering Words

M-Powering. What the heck does that mean? Well, it's EMPOWERING, but straight from the mind of Marcella, with a capital M! I'm sharing hand-scripted messages to infuse your recipient with the can-do spirit. Build that confidence. Spread that LOVE. Share the knowledge that she is enough. Remind her that she has totally got this!! (Replace she with he as needed, because this set works for ALL OF US on this planet.) These words work well on their own or mixed with beautiful botanicals for a modern/classic look that is pure Power Poppy, distilled through your dynamic lens. Together we can M-Power others to feel good about themselves, to go forth with love and good will.

Are you feeling the tingle of positivity yet? I am getting the distinct impression that I could get up and seize the day today.... and I can stamp it if I want with “You Can and You Will!” from my new M-Powering Words stamp set. We’ll share the entire thing with you tomorrow during the big reveal!

And now.... our last introduction of the day, one overwhelmingly requested to come out in clear polymer. I’m so happy to be able to announce this one:

Introducing Cheerful Columbine

This image filled with happiness is just way too fun to color!! Originally a digital download called Cup of Columbine, this image of a teacup loaded with Columbine and Hosta leaves shares the stage with a baby robin and perfect little egg tucked in there. I’ve seen it colored up zillions of ways, and seriously, it might be considered Power Poppy’s hottest stamp of 2018... 

We actually had a little sneak preview of the clear stamp set at the Daily Marker coloring challenge road trip in St. Louis, and Kathy Racoosin went to town coloring it up in the jazziest of shades. Check out this wonderful tutorial Kathy shared with us on the blog:

Now, you’ve got to see what the Bloomies have dreamt up for today. There are some incredibly lovely things to inspire you endlessly! Thank you, Bloomies, you ROCK.


If you order on release day, Sunday, May 20, we’ll have a special discount for you. Tomorrow features one of the stamps I’m most proud of having created... it’s a big one featuring flowers I know you love. I’ll see you tomorrow, my loves.



Reusing Cards & Quilling said...

Beautiful..I always say it whenever I see Power poppy floral and how Crafters color them !! Loved the hellebore..just yesterday was reading about it in a magazine and hyacinth are my fav to color !

CherylQuilts said...

What a beautiful day today is with the Royal Wedding -- oh my, what a joy! And I love these new sets and how the Bloomies made yet more gorgeous cards! Hugs! xoxo

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my! The pretty just goes on and on!

Lisa said...

More fabulous sets!! I'm excited for a set of encouraging sentiments, and love seeing the columbine as a clear set!!

I got home from work and turned on the Royal Wedding and what a magical day for them! Beautiful blue skies, the public there to support fav part was the choir rendition of the song Stand By Me. That's one of my favorite songs ever and they did such a beautiful rendition! I wish the couple nothing but the best.

D.Ann C said...

Oh, Happy Dance!!! You know I wanted the columbine in a stamp and my aunt that has them had a robin nesting in her garage window and I got to watch see two of them right after they hatched... I will color this first and then the morel... you've captured my heart and the highlights of my trip this year! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™

Robyn Oliver said...

Lots and lots of gorgeous-ness, love all the sets, especially Hellabore and Hyacinth set. Watched the wedding too, and lovely event and beautiful spring day and flowers

AndreaH said...

Gorgeous stamps. Gorgeous cards. Gorgeous release. Love them all. It's important that we encourage ourselves. The image on my Instagram is 'DON'T then a pair of scissors cutting the N'T in half leaving the DO' xxx

Donna Phelan said...

Gorgeous! Flowers AND Words! WOW!

Helen Gullett said...

Ohhhh these are amazing and gorgeous new stamp sets.
I am in love with that new Cheerful Columbine!!!