Sunday, May 20, 2018


You made it to the fifth day of previews — AND you can now start shopping! Be sure to take us up on this promotion to get a discount on your order...

What are the last two stamps (and dies!) we’ve been holding out on for the end of the week? Well, let me tell ya, they have me pretty tickled. You know that concept of “save the best for last”? I kind of think we have... say hello to this little sweet pea:

A baby set, a baby set at last! With flowery bits and joyful tendrils to help announce and welcome a tiny miracle. I so enjoyed drawing this set, I can’t tell you. The hardest part was deciding which images to leave out, because I had so many ideas! I suppose we’ll just add more baby sets in the future to explore those stamp concepts, and maybe even a baby digi! We need that, don’t we.

I soooo enjoyed coloring this little fella, sitting on my porch yesterday with a lap full of Prismacolors. I indulged in the 150 colored pencil set, and I'm thinking that life may not ever be the same. But I digress, let’s get back to that new baby stamp set!

Introducing Precious Baby

We've got three charming baby images, each with botanical touches, as you might expect from moi. The sentiments are just as sweet as can be! You’ll want to have this set on hand to share the wonder and joy that a new baby brings, and it’s just fun to color in that pea pod babe!

And now... our final set of the Creative + Curious Collection:

Introducing Abundant Petals

Literally the most floriferous stamp set we have EVER released. This set is LARGE and in charge, filled with enough blooms to stock a flower shop. And that’s really where the fun comes in, you get to be your own floral designer with these stamps. When used in combination with the matching steel dies, you are unstoppable. In this jumbo 6 x 8" set you get:

  • One giant, fluffy, perfect Peony
  • Three Ranunculus blooms
  • Two festive, flouncy Tulips
  • Three tufts of tiny Daisies
  • Two leafy stems dripping with berries
  • Sweet Maidenhair fern frond
  • An extra stem and curvy leaf
  • PLUS four sentiments!

I had some fun arranging the elements of this set while I was designing it, to be sure all of my elements fit together in the right kinds of combinations, and boy howdy, was it fun, check this out:

The possibilities are endless. I say that a lot.... but this really is true with Abundant Petals. You can go totally simple, or totally off-the-charts massive. Is your mind swirling yet?? Mine sure is, I want to go make some more of these things, and then actually color them!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to the women of the Bloom Brigade for putting their hearts into the incredible creations they have shared all week. It is a TON of work, from making the project itself to then photographing, editing, writing a blog post and putting in all the links and information — and I am so grateful to them for the time and care they put in to their work. Bravo, Bloomies! You make the world more beautiful.

Let’s go see one last card for this week’s collection previews:

Be sure to enter our big ol’ giveaway — you could win the entire release! I’ll be drawing the winner at the end of the day...

Thank you so much for joining us this week, and for leaving such kind and encouraging comments on our blog posts, Instagram, and Facebook. You all are the very best people, and please know this: 

It is a privilege to create for you.

xoxoxo — and extra xxxxx’s


Helen Gullett said...

Wow... these new release stamp sets are just beautiful, amazing and adorable.

ellyscard creatief said...

I saw such a beautiful cards from the Bloom brigade. Really corgeous.

Reusing Cards & Quilling said...

Wow..a baby set in flowery way !! I am blown by the abundant petals.Treat for coloring enthusiast :)

D.Ann C said...

Gorgeous finale! Thanks for the discount!!

Mary Holshouser said...

Sweet Pea is darling.
You always have the most wonderful
stamps. thanks for sharing.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh. My. GOSH! A grand finale, order placed and I can't wait to start coloring! You and the Bloomies have blown me away!

CherylQuilts said...

WOW! Marcy, you have outdone yourself exponentially, and I am in LOVE with this release! The Bloomies inspired me SO MUCH, and I love all the cards and amazing artwork. Thank you so much for drawing such gorgeous work. I also love the dies. Big hugs to all...and especially to you! Love you dearly! xoxo

creatingincolors said...

Oh, you have outdone yourself, and so have the Bloomies. I want it all. And that Sweet Pea is the best baby set ever.

Lisa said...

This is an amazing release Marcy, well worth the wait! I love the creativity and thought that has gone into each one, you have truly outdone yourself!!

A big WOW to the Bloomies, I have loved visiting their blogs and seeing their creations with the new stamps!

Camille Short said...

What a sweet creation in the Abundant Petals! Love that you are bringing out beautiful single flowers and leaves to allow us to EASILY build our own bouquets! Hope we'll be more of these - particularly in digital stamps!

Donna Phelan said...

Welcome Sweet Pea! PERFECT!