Friday, March 27, 2020

Happy Friday StayHomeDay!!

At home with Tibbs, a surprise gift of Hellebore seedlings dropped off by a friend, my daughter in her room, doing class work  remotely, and an experimental dragon fruit — it was pretty but rather bland. :)

Hello there, my friends around the world. I hope this note finds you in your safe, cozy sanctuary — and remember, we can ALWAYS go to this place of sanctuary in our minds. It is always available to us, a thought away. 

That said, suffering is real, and it is an acute part of life for many, many people right now. We are frightened about the future, we are worried about family, friends, our healthcare workers and first responders, those still working to supply us the goods that allow us to continue our daily lives our world — we in fact fear for our very livelihoods. But to this I want to add: Without suffering, there cannot be happiness. As zen master Thich Naht Hanh reminds us, out of suffering, a lotus flower of happiness can open.

Take a Deep Breath card by Elizabeth Zaffarano
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I’m currently working on shipping out the last few orders from our big sale — WHICH IS STILL HAPPENING — and which I’ve been happily, safely packing up from my home office, which is corona-free and kept sanitized frequently! Thank you so much to everyone who has placed an order for digital or clear stamps and dies. I hope you enjoy coloring in your safe space.


I am working on new, downloadable images for coloring at home — positive, uplifting, encouraging images with messages of hope to keep and to share. I anticipate that they will be in the shop early next week. Some of our new images are going to directed towards our healthcare workers specifically, as we are deeply indebted to them. I am going to donate the proceeds of the healthcare-specific images to supplying gift cards to healthcare workers — one of my best friends is a nurse and is overseeing this effort. I will report back when I have more information!

And now.... speaking of messages of hope, let’s see what our designers have been working on this week. They always succeed at adding great joy to our hearts and a feast for our eyes....

Stacy Morgan | Orchids Rock 

Leslie Miller | Perched in the Orchids digital

Barbara Walker | Orchid Cascade digital

Gloria Stengel | Loving Tulips

Christine Okken | Wild Ruffled Orchids digital

Broni Holcombe | Wash Your Hands digital

Ahhhhh — bask in the beauty!! Thank you, thank you to our powerhouse of designers, each one a beautiful soul helping to spread positivity and beauty and kindness.

Be well, friends. XOXO


Brandi R said...

How so very thoughtful of you! They are definitely one group of our unsung heroes; even before this epidemic, but especially now. Cannot wait to see what images you have in store next week. Bless you ♥♥

Lagene said...

So many acts of kindness are happening in our crafting community! Thank you for yours!!!! Beautiful creations ladies!

Camille Short said...

Such fun inspiration!

Henri√ętte said...

I love your posts, so full of joy, comfort and inspiration.
Beautiful Hellebore, I always love them.
It is that you told that it's your daughter in the right lower corner because first I thought it was you, what a resemblance.
Thank you so much for your post, stay safe & healthy and have a great weekend.