Friday, July 21, 2017

Sharing Nothing but GOOD Vibes!

Hello peeps! Welcome to another fun-filled Friday here on the Power Poppy blog when we fill your basket of life with a handful of goodies for you to take in, ponder and hopefully let blossom somehow in your day! In today's Good Vibe 5, are you ready for a little trip? We head to the 'Great White North' for a little escapade with Bloomie Christine on our first stop! 


Goodness gracious, will you look at that canyon? What a picturesque gem in the heart of the Canadian Rockies! Now, that you've taken in that sight, you have to check out Christine Okken's  "people" on one of the bridges while on a hike through the Maligne Valley in Jasper National Park. Squint your eyes and you'll see those blond-headed beauties a.k.a. her three children! They are the only ones actually looking and posing for the camera! ;-) You might know this, you might not. But if you look at the Power Poppy team, most of us have been together in one form or another for going on 10 years. That means when I look at this picture and now see two legal adults and one that keeps growing? Oh, my! What wonderful human beings! Want to read more about this breathtaking view? Click HERE and maybe you'll be inspired to put YOUR hiking shoes on!


I don't know about you but I would love to be a fly on the wall in Kathy Jones' stamping space to just watch her reach for colors and bring some of Power Poppy's images to life! That's why I love this image above. You get an up close and personal view of her in action! If you'd like to see how this beauty turned out using Power Poppy's digital stamp set Sunset Sway, I won't tease you any longer! 😀 All you need to do is click HERE!


I am so sorry but I got the giggles when I found this post from Power Poppy fan Christina Dauven. It was filed under the caption, "How I feel every morning!" I'm with you, Christina. I am WITH YOU! I found my way to her IG when she hash-tagged Power Poppy on one of her projects. I thought this little photo above was the perfect reminder that IT IS FRIDAY FOLKS! Thanks Christina for the laugh!


Okay, can I get a show of hands from all of you who remember when Twinkling H20s were ALL the rage? If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about -- Twinks are those little shimmering paint pots that give a metallic edge to watercolored projects. I actually have a shoebox full! They literally last forever! And, thank goodness, because recently I was drooling over this project above by the absolutely fabulous Leslie Miller using Twinks and Power Poppy's stamp set My English Rose. Ahhhhhh! If you love to bring the bling then check out her post HERE and find ways to add a little sparkle in your own special way! 


Can you even stand it -- the cute factor meter just broke with this photo above!! Meet Mr. Tibbs -- the official Power Puppy! I decided to make this little guy the Good Vibe #5 because studies show that taking a gander at darling puppy photos not only releases endorphins a.k.a. "happy feels" but actually helps your focus in your day. Yep. That's science folks, so by sharing this totes adorbs photo of Mr. Tibbs, I am just doing my duty to make you happy and smart! ;-)  By the way, if you wondered why Tibbsy has his little ears taped, I learned that these pups need a little help keeping their ears up as the cartilage hardens. As you can see by his "smile" -- he doesn't seem to mind a bit! 

There you go folks, a touch of nature, a bit of color inspiration, a way to bring a bit of bling, a little bit of funny and a whole lot of cute = Good Vibe 5! 

Now it's time to take this show on the road with a bit of a hop!

Stop by and see these wonderful ladies and the creativity they whipped up this week just for you!

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to swing back by on Monday when Jessie Banks will be here for another Inspire Me Monday! She's going big and showcasing one of Power Poppy's larger than life images by taking it to a whole new color level!

Have a great weekend!


CherylQuilts said...

Ah, what a fun post today, Julie! Loved seeing the photos from Christine's family trip...what beauty! And who doesn't LOVE seeing Kathy give us sneak peeks of her coloring!? Got a giggle from that coffee cup! LOL! And look at Mr. Tibbs...just melts your heart with that face. Just wait till he gets his ear tape off! What fun! Loved the cards by the always!! Hugs! xoxo

Lisa said...

Great Good Vibe 5 post! Love seeing all the different happenings that grab the eye of Power Poppy land :)

ChristineCreations said...

So fun and sweet Julie! The kids feel like they’re famous now that they’ve made the Power Poppy blog :) We’ve been so blessed to see each other’s tribe grow these last 10 years! Another great Good Vibe 5! Thanks friend!

Berina RGA said...

Great post!! Beautiful coloring Kathy and Leslie!

Julie Gearinger said...

Wow, gorgeous scenery as well as cards and I absolutely love the new Power Puppy, Mr. Tibbs- he is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing and giving us all those much needed happy endorphins :-) Hugs and I hope all of you have a blessed week!