Friday, June 12, 2020

A Message from Marcella ... and designer treats

Hello my friends, 
This note is coming during very challenging times — times that I hope will spur positive change. On a global level, people are feeling compelled to stop in the tracks of our everyday lives. To stop, and to listen. To empathize, to learn, and to grow. To see with our own eyes the injustice and inequality that people of color have been enduring for far, far too long. 

I hope all of us will take some time to learn more about people outside our sphere, and spool up on the Black History that was not taught to us in the history books. Perhaps you will be compelled to take peaceful but purposeful action. I believe that when we truly follow God’s words to Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself, it is for the benefit of ALL people.

Black lives matter. 

My love and gratitude to each and every one of you.

I wanted to share, also, that our dearest Christine Okken lost her mother unexpectedly this week. If you would like to leave some love for Christine and her family, maybe visit her blog or leave her a message on Facebook. I know from experience how much it means to hear from people during such a difficult time.

Another note, I’m so very pleased to get to share that our friend Cheryl Scrivens has written the most beautiful and soulful post on her blog, after a long year with many health hurdles. I think Cheryl's story is a true miracle and her faith, perseverance, and kindness are without match. Be sure to leave this lady some love, too!

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Next week, I will be re-introducing our team to you here on the blog. I’ve decided not to call us The Powerhouse after all. I thought it sounded too tough! haha. But I DO think these women are a powerhouse of creativity and love. Keep your eyes peeled — there are a few surprises!

And please take a few moments to read some beautiful posts here and be inspired by these cards.

Cheryl Scrivens

Broni Holcombe

Lisa Johansen

Gloria Stengel

Friends... I’m about to have to hop on the road — we are driving home from Chicago, where my husband has been working. I want to still share these cards as well, from previous Friday Fun Days! I promise to update the links before tonight! But here are peeks at the beauty!

All my best, and with love and peace.


Love to color said...

Wishing you and your husband safe travels as you head home. Marcella, I have oodles and oodles of your beautiful digital stamps which I love to color with my Lyra colored pencils. But I have to ask you, when are we going to see some new ones. I hope your well isn’t getting dry. 😫 Hugs, Ethel

Henriëtte said...

Thank you for the post Marcella and I hope you and your husband are safe at home at the time I write this.
Gorgeous cards from all the designers, they all have so much talent.
Stay safe and have a wonderful week for you all.